By now we are all aware of what vaping is. The definition is to inhale some form of vapour (either directly or traditionally) from a vaping device. It's sometimes recommended for people who are trying to quit a smoking habit and something better (in terms of taste and health, seeing how e-cigarettes are better than tobacco).

Understanding e-cigarettes is important for beginners. When you don’t know about the vaping equipment, and types of vaping, then you won't be able to recognise what you like. For beginners, identifying what they like is very important. To experience the full extent of a vape, you need to understand the basics.

An E-cigarette Explained

Essentially, an e-cigarette is a technological device that can heat up e-liquids and vaporise them. And since e-liquids are flavoured, they will provide taste and nicotine.

An e-cigarette also helps smokers have a smooth transition from cigarettes. Many people have attested that vaping has helped them overcome their smoking habits.

Vaping Equipment

Technology is ever-evolving, and it continues to evolve into different stages of miraculous changes. Seeing how vapes and vaping, in general, are a form of technology, they also tend to evolve and change.

There are types of e-cigarettes where you can choose the one perfect for your needs. When you have such variety, you can select the one that best suits your needs without a problem. They come in different shapes and sizes, too.

Starter Kits

Starter kits are the perfect place for beginners to start their vaping journey. They are easy to use and convenient, which is good for people who want to transition from smoking or it's their first-time vaping.

They are generally used by people who are new to vaping, and only need to add their favourite flavour to have the best experience.


Mods usually have everything you need, and they can be similar to the starter kit. But unlike starter kits, they have a more significant form factor. They provide better power for longer vaping and don’t need much charging. However, some of these mods often come without batteries and tanks that you can buy individually.

Mods are more suited for those who are enthusiastic about their vaping experience. Mechanical mods don’t have high technology; they limit any circuitry and set it apart from the wires required to heat up the coil.

Typically, when a mod is activated, there is power generated from the battery. It strikes the coil at an unregulated speed, and there isn't a way to tweak or limit to regulate the power.


Pods are the newest addition to the vaping community. They have gained popularity in recent years and continue to do so. They are similar to a starter kit, but they tend to have a smaller form factor.

There are two types of pods; closed systems and open systems. A closed system is where you get pre-filled pods that you can vape and then dispose of when they are empty. Open systems are similar to average vaping devices where you fill the vape yourself with your preferred flavour of e-liquid.

Pods are mostly used by people who have hectic schedules. Seeing how small and portable these devices are, people can carry them with them wherever they go.


These are by far the most popular type of vaping devices in the industry. Many users take to these disposables because of their low pricing, accessibility, and simple technology. They don't cost as much as other premium vape devices, and you can dispose of them as quickly as they finish.

The last disposables in the market have units that you can dispose of when their batteries finish. Or some manufacturers also have this option where you can buy a device with a replaceable unit and charge it. You can also replace the cartridge that holds the wick, juice, and heating elements.

Types of Vaping

Once you learn about types of equipment, you can focus on learning about the types of vaping styles. There are two styles of vaping; DTL vaping and MTL vaping. You should use the vaping style that best suits you.

MTL Vaping

MTL vaping is also known as the “classic” way of dating. MTL vaping stands for "Mouth to Lung" vaping; it means the vapours you're inhaling goes into your mouth first and then into your lungs.

Smokers usually have an MTL method of vaping because it's similar to the way you would smoke a cigarette. It’s almost the same way people usually smoke cigarettes. Because of how simple it is to vape this way, MTL is often recommended to beginners.

DTL Vaping

DTL vaping is a "Direct-to-Lung" contact. When people opt for the DTL vaping method, they usually want an open airflow, lower nicotine strengths, and higher power. DTL is often used by people who like intense flavours and a large amount of vapour.

This is a style that people with high nicotine tolerance can handle. This is a method best for experienced users because it involves high-powered kits.

They vaporise the e-liquid at intense temperatures, which creates thicker and bigger clouds of vapours.

How is CBD E-Liquid Better?

CBD has been gaining popularity in recent years because of its numerous potential benefits, and in fact scientists are working hard to better understand the potential of cannabinoids.

One thing is clear, the variety of flavours of CBD definitely enhance the experience of enjoying cannabinoids and are a useful way of getting the maximum benefit. CBD can be enjoyed in a number of ways such as CBD Drops, CBD gummies and CBD e-liquids.

Options in CBD E-Liquids: Flavours

There is a variety of flavours once you decide to take CBD e-liquids. Many people think that CBD flavours are better than regular flavours because they complement the palate well, and if you use a CBD vape frequently enough, they can also provide health-beneficial properties.

Some of these flavours are:

  • Apple and Raspberry
  • Cherries and Berries
  • Grape and Blackberry
  • Lemond and Mango
  • Peppermint
  • Wild Strawberry

Final Thoughts

If you use vape the wrong way the first time, it can be a difficult experience for you. First, you need to learn about how an e-cigarette works. Then you need to learn about the vaping equipment and styles of vaping.

Furthermore, packaging can also be used to enhance the visual appeal of vape products, as well as protect them from damage. Besides providing information about the product, including ingredient information and warnings, the label also provides the user with instructions on how to Vape Packaging Boxes as a tool to promote brand recognition and enhance consumer trust is equally an effective way to do so.

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