Best CBD Subscription Boxes For Alternative Health
  • Rebecca R. Lopez
  • 26 March, 2021

Let's Find the 10 Best CBD Subscription Boxes for Alternative Health

After the legalization of hemp for medicinal purposes, it has become one of the most booming industries. The existing CBD producers in the market were not enough to meet the market demand. Many new inverters have stepped in to meet the market demand. The increase in the number of producers has increased the number of CBD products. Now there are dozens of CBD products in the market. You will find CBD medicine, food cosmetics, toiletries, and many other products.

These products have made their name in the market because of their benefits. Several CBD products have become an essential part of the daily routine. People use CBD soaps, bath bombs, shampoos, oils, lotions, and different creams daily.

Moreover, there are several food items that we consume in our routine. CBD chocolates, beverages, and CBD burgers are very trendy these days. CBD medicines are also very trendy, and different studies have proven that CBD medicines are very effective for pain-relieving, anxiety, and improve sleeping hours. A dose of CBD controls inflammation in the body, which smoothens the blood flow and gives many medical benefits.

By seeing the rising demand for CBD products, producers have introduced subscription boxes for CBD products.

What Is a Subscription Box?

What Is a Subscription Box

A custom CBD subscription box is a retail service that costs you a special price monthly (or other fixed frequency) to receive a range of CBD goods delivered at your doorstep. You can conveniently pick and configure these boxes to suit your preferences or needs. Few retailers also add free presents, rewards, and other benefits to regular subscribers.

Sometimes, these boxes are sent weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, or semi-annually. You can select the duration for the subscription box according to your needs.

These boxes have given ease to customers because they receive the best quality products at their doorstep. It has given a chance to retailers to establish their good image in customer's minds. Moreover, CBD producers got an option to sell their different products to a single customer. Without a subscription box, a customer will choose various products regardless of brand name, which will divide the business for the producers.

CBD producers and retailers want to set their name in the market, so they have adopted customized CBD boxes, which benefit all the participants, the producers, retailers, and the customers.

These subscription boxes come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, but customized subscription boxes can also be designed depending upon the nature of the products and the customers' needs.

CBD packaging producing companies give an option to their clients to give a customized packaging design. Otherwise, they have specialized teams with experienced staff to help the client choose a customized subscription box.

Best CBD Subscription Boxes

1) CBD Health Boxes:

These boxes are designed specifically for those people who use CBD medicines regularly. They are regular customers, so they do not need to pay extra for the design and gimmicks of packaging. These packaging are kept simple, so the customer does not need to pay for expensive tags and printings.

The size of these boxes is designed specially according to the customers' needs and the number of products.

2) CBD Tea and Coffee Boxes:

CBD Tea and Coffee Boxes

These boxes are used to deliver various items like CBD Tea and coffee products. All the products are packed in a single CBD box and delivered to the desired address.

CBD product producers advertise their offers and products on different platforms so people can get to know about them. People choose a subscription box with the products that are necessary for the customer by seeing those advertisements.

Some companies give an opportunity to select the products for their subscription box, and customers choose the products according to the needs and budget.

3) CBD Drinks and Beverages Boxes:

Several drinks use CBD in the production process. CBD drinks and beverages are easily available in markets and online stores. These products are beneficial from a medical perspective. These drinks give energy and relax your mind. The demand for CBD drinks and beverages is increasing day by day.

CBD drinks control the inflammation in the body and relax your nerves. For these reasons, energy drinks contain CBD elements to provide ease to the customer.

The subscription box of these products contains different products, so a customer gets a variety of drinks in a box. Moreover, these boxes' size varies according to the number of products and duration of the subscription. Weekly subscription boxes contain 6 to 7 products, while monthly subscription boxes contain more than 20 products. The price of these boxes also varies according to their size and the number of products.

4) Cigarette Box:

These boxes are used for a monthly cannabis delivery box for girls who love to smoke and consume cannabis products. Every month's package has a particular theme and features 7-14 girly smoking products.

You should expect grinders, paper, crystals, cones, pipes, adorable pots, etc. Every package contains handmade products from local, female-owned enterprises. Plus, they still use a discreet kit. But there are some rules for these subscription boxes like age restriction etc. A company may ask different questions for these subscriptions to avoid any legal problems, which is not a big deal for these customers.

5) Cigar Subscription Boxes:

Cigar Subscription Boxes

It is likely to the cigarette packaging, but cigars are expensive than cigarettes. Moreover, they have a strong taste, and the potency of CBD is also high than cigarettes.

Every smoker does not smoke cigars. There is a specific audience for these products. Some people smoke cigar just because it is trendy. They want to look cool and want to show the luxuries of life. These people happily pay extra for luxury packaging.

These subscription boxes are specially designed to exhibit the luxury and class of the audience. These boxes are decorated with expensive labels and other props. Some companies also add gifts and additional products to make the customer happy. A customer can order these boxes weekly and monthly basis according to his needs.

6) Vape Cartridge Boxes:

Vape cartridges and e-cigarettes are the newest addition to the tobacco industry. There is a specific audience for these products because they think that these products do not harm the body and these products are trendy. The option of different flavors makes it more attractive, and the demand for these products is increasing day by day.

These products are highly expensive, and tobacco companies target the specific audience and give them various options for smoking.

The subscription packaging is designed specifically to pack multiple products at a time. In vape subscription boxes, different vape oils, flavors, and vape accessories are packed, which are the need of the customers. As there are no special advertisement campaigns for tobacco products, companies market these products through the help of the internet, and a customer can place an online order for a Vape Subscription Box according to his taste and needs.

7) Pets products Boxes:

These CBD subscription boxes are designed for pet owners who keep their pets comfortable and safe. They design a box that fixes joint pain, asthma, skin problems, fatigue, and behavioral problems. The box contains toys, snacks, shampoos, oils, and beauty items that are shipped every month at the customer's doors.

The number of products in these subscription boxes can be increased or decreased according to the customer's needs and demands. This option is very helpful to give the best deal to the customer because the increase in the number of products will increase the subscription box price, and pricing is an important factor in competition.

8) Cosmetics Subscription Boxes:

Cosmetics Subscription Boxes

Everyone uses cosmetics products for skincare issues. An individual purchases several cosmetic products every month for personal and family use; these customers are the easy target for suppliers through the custom subscription boxes. These boxes will ease the customer because he will receive his desired products at his doorstep, and he does not need to go to the market to purchase these products.

The size and prices of cosmetic subscription boxes vary according to their type, number of products, and products' quality. Cosmetic products come in various categories. Some cosmetic products are very expensive and just target the corporate and elite segments of society. At the same time, some brands give good rates to target the middle class of society. In the meantime, there is also a cheaper version of cosmetics products which compromises on the product quality.

The subscription boxes are made according to the category of the cosmetic products. For expensive cosmetic products, luxury packaging is made to give a luxurious feeling to the customer. These products' customers pay extra for the luxury, and the price doesn't matter to them.

While middle-class audience tries to find a value-to-money deal and they thoroughly check the products types, their benefits, and of course, the price of the subscription. Companies add different products in these subscription boxes by keeping in mind the usability and pricing factors. These subscription boxes are kept simple, so customers do not need to pay extra for expensive packaging.

9) CBD Sanitation Boxes:

CBD Sanitation Boxes

Sanitation products are used worldwide, and everyone uses them for cleaning purposes. There are two types of sanitation products: one for domestic use and the other for industrial use. Moreover, sanitation becomes more important in hospitals and medical places because it is directly linked to the patient and healthcare staff's health.

In corona days, the demand for these products was skyrocketing. The world witnessed the lockdown, and everyone was demanding sanitizers and other sanitation products to ensure cleanliness and safety for them and their loved ones.

These products have become a necessary part of the grocery. When someone goes to the store to buy groceries, he/she adds these products to the bucket.

The subscription boxes of these products contain various products like hand sanitizers, floor cleaners, sprays, and different gels, which have become a part of our daily routine. The packaging of these products highlights the feature and benefits of these products to play with the fear and needs of the customer, and by seeing the benefits, a customer purchases these subscription boxes.

10) Subscription Boxes for Toiletry Products:

These subscription boxes are designed to pack different toiletry products like bath soaps, bath bombs, shampoos, scrubbers, and many other products. Usually, for these boxes, the number of products is decided according to the number of average members in a family. Moreover, these boxes are also designed for individuals and contain all the necessary toiletry products for a customer.

These boxes are printed with colors and illustrations to give them a pleasant look. Good aesthetics also help in the marketing process and helps to attract customers that help to boost sales.

A customer can order these boxes of different shapes, sizes with the desired number of products. Different companies have provided to order these subscription boxes through the internet or just by making a call to your nearest outlet.

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