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  • Rebecca R. Lopez
  • 12 August 2021

3 Attractive Cigar Box Design & Ideas: Complete Design Process

From the time a product is conceptualized to when it finally reaches customers, every step of its production needs an organized process in order for work to be productive. In recent years, knowledge about packaging design processes has not been limited only to designers or creative agencies.

Customers and even aspiring designers should also know how valuable this information can be so that they have similar expectations from other companies as well.

But what exactly does good packaging do? It fulfills all sorts of functions like providing information about the products it contains, catching the eye on shelves amongst competitors' offerings by using different colors or shapes, and graphics.

Many people don't realize that the product packaging design is as important and soulful to its success as anything else. We shall look at different cigar box design & ideas to follow in 2021 for your respective brand.

3 Spectacular & Sensational Cigar Box Ideas

1: Have an Earthy Presence

Have An Earthy Presence

Minimalism is an aesthetically pleasing design trend that has been on the rise in 2021. Sticking to neutral and natural shades, this year's product designs will focus more intently on incorporating these colors into their aesthetic schemes to complement a minimalist look.

In order to create a strong and neutralized brand, you should go for colors such as brown, green, off-white. These shades make up the foundation of any color scheme, which helps define the look you want for your company logo design.

2: Textured Representation

Textured Representation

To make a product feel more tactile and emotional to consumers, many companies use textured packaging. For instance, high-end products often come in glossy or embossed packages that enhance the appeal of your brand with sophisticated materials.

3: Contemporary Illustrations

Contemporary Illustrations

What if you could create a design that was personalized to your brand? What about creating an illustration that would bring out the appeal of your product specifically for people in this generation and demographic.

Bold, modern illustrations are trending because they speak directly to the retailers as one of their target customers. So make a cigar box that is interactive and appealing to the smoker.

In the future, packaging will be more engaging. With the rise of graphic design and modern illustration, we’ll see more creative artwork on the packaging.

Bonus Design: Go Vintage with Your Design

In this trend, you will find a bond between traditional and modern. It includes fonts, colors used for packaging, and everything is vintage-inspired. This design can be applied in the nicotine industry or others too because of its flexibility and timelessness.

The perfect color palette to bring out the old-timey feeling is a mix of muted hues like brown and pastel with some whites tossed in there.

Step by Step Process for Cigar Box Designs

Stage 1: Define a Roadmap

There are many factors that go into determining a successful marketing campaign, but one of the most important is understanding where your client's head and heart lie. Understanding what they want to get from this design will help you develop a strong roadmap for success.

In the same way that a taxi driver must know where he is going, you also need to be aware of what you want in order for your custom cigar boxes to accomplish their goal.

Stage 2: Research the Trends

It goes without saying that many brands exist today, but not all are given a chance to advertise. A cigar box on a shelf is forced to take up the responsibility as an advertising campaign and act like another billboard for your brand's story.

The design should make consumers stop in their tracks while conveying what you want them to know about who you are and why they need it, convincing them, of course.

  • Your packaging should be such that it catches the customer’s eye within 3 seconds
  • It is easy to carry and place into the cart

Research is often done in three steps:

a) Client Research:

In order to gain more insight into customer needs, an input survey is conducted. The questions being asked concern the brand's products and are as follows:

  • Is advertisement influential in marketing the package design?
  • Which mediums will be able to take the brand forward?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What is your new design, and how it interacts?
  • Elements you need to carry into the new design.

b) Research the Market:

You must study relevant information for the cigar industry and position your brands in a way that is tailored to the needs of the target audience. Conduct primary, secondary surveys depending on the product or service you are providing.

Use both qualitative research methods like interviews with customers as well as quantitative data from techniques such as focus groups. The combination will help you make better design decisions based on high-quality insights into how people interact with your brand.

c) Design Techniques

The design strategy is the backbone for successful packaging, as it relies on research and careful thought. The factors involved are color choice, font selection, shape choices.

The designer must take into account not only how their product will look but also what each element means for its value and function in relation to the competition.

Stage 3: Draft Your Dieline

The diagram of the package is called a dieline which should be perfect and drawn in Adobe Illustrator before starting the design phase. With this, you can ensure that your packaging shape type has been considered and its relevance to the product.

Dieline is necessary at the beginning of any design, but mistakes here can lead to costly and time-wasting errors later in your cigar box designs.

Stage 4: Conceptualize Your Design

Customers are always looking for ways to make their lives easier and happier, so it is vital that you find a way to communicate your cigars as the best solution. You can do this in many different ways, but we will focus on finding target market segments that other brands are yet to reach.

Front of the Box

A brand story can change how a design is developed, depending on what type of narrative it has. The colors, font, and theme are all considered when deciding how to package the product to maintain an authentic feel while also being practical.

Graphic design is the art of combining shapes, colors, and textures to create messages. This way, a designer can create cigar packaging that will appeal on many levels, such as visually, tactilely, and emotionally by varying in shape or color.

These days, packaging should be shelf-ready. Today's consumers prefer supermarkets or hypermarkets for shopping, and so products need to have an appeal on the surface of the product.

A brand should have the right balance between weight and size of its logo, tagline, benefits information such as ingredients list or warranty info. Images also need to be designed in a way that consumers can view them easily.

Furthermore, a proper font style will make sure all these parts are easy on their eyes so they understand everything from just one glance at your packaging design.

Back of the Box

The graphic designer's primary objective is to create captivating packaging, but they also ensure that the design follows legal and mandatory guidelines, including information on ingredients and barcodes.

Photography and illustrations provide a client with an idea of what the finished product will look like.

Designing the brand identity is an integral step in developing a successful product. Many considerations must be made before committing to any specific choices, such as customer color preference, typeface, and target market segmentation.

Stage 5: Assurance 100% Customer Satisfaction

The last step for packaging design is polishing and refining the product. The client can also demand changes to typography, color, or graphics at this time in order to ensure that they are communicating what their desired target market wants from them.

We have seen above how to decorate cigar boxes with important aspects of the packaging design, such as fonts, making a brand identity, colors, guidelines, and more.

To Sum Up

Keep your product’s packaging as interesting and engaging for the consumer as you can. After all, it is what they will see first before even opening up that package! Make sure to allocate enough time in designing a quality design with plenty of resources involved so that the end result may be both aesthetically pleasing and high-quality.

Fret not, for we have the answer to your packaging problems. We know how difficult it is to design a package that will easily hold all of its contents and prevent them from being damaged in transit.

Would you mind sharing your feedback below? Thanks for reading!


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