Cigar Boxes vs Cigar Packaging: Differences to Know About
  • Rebecca R. Lopez

In these contemporary times, the newest trends are always in style. It is a must-follow for any person who wants to stay ahead of their peers and not be left behind by society at large.

As one sits and searches the smoke chain of multiple products, they will have to spend quite a lot of time reading about them. The smoking industry has taken its success heights into new territory with countless different types in recent years.

A product is as successful as its packaging, and therefore, the most famous form of smoking – cigar – is leading the world, setting a new standard. We will put an end to the "cigar boxes vs cigar packaging" debate today.

Which is Better: Cigar Boxes or Cigar Packaging?

Luxury items, like cigars, are often coveted and preferred over the cheaper alternative. When it comes down to choosing a cigarette brand in today's day and age, many people will opt for one with quality and aesthetic packaging that can be found on high shelves. The difference between cigar packaging and cigar boxes is not always clear-cut. Let's take a look without wasting any more seconds:

Cigar Boxes:

Cigar Boxes:

A cigar box is a perfect place to store your valuable smokes. It is made of cedar, a Spanish variety with lovely grain, and a fine surface. These are effective in protecting your valuables and keep them fresh for a wholesome smoking expression.

Cigar boxes can be made from any type of wood, but certain woods are more popular than others. For example, eucalyptus and yellow poplar have been used as substitutes for the original material in many cases when it was recolored or scented to match its appearance even better.

Cigar Packaging
Cigar Packaging

The offer of cigar packaging in various colors and sizes is a great attraction for buyers, who can find them at any market. It is the way you show off to others and celebrate all of life's moments with style.

For ages, cigar brands have adapted and changed with every new packaging trend. These cigar packagings come in all shapes and sizes for any taste preference imaginable.

With every passing day, the demand for personalized cigar packaging is at an all-time high. With trends like this in society and a variety of options available to buy from online retailers, people have no problem finding what they need without having any trouble whatsoever.

Regular Cigar Boxes Styles:

Cigar boxes come in a few different types, each with its own distinct features. Some of which are as follows:

  • A bureau is a type of humidor that has either sliding or pivoting lids. The most popular sizes are 25 and 50 cigar holders, with some people opting for smaller or larger models depending on their preference.
  • Boxes with three layers and eight or nine cigars each are often referred to as "8-9-8." The 8, 9 and round side of this box has an individual number for each cigar.
  • A level top or 13 topper, two layers with 12 on base and 13 in the middle.
  • Box-squeezed cigars that have two layers with the same number for even distribution.

The artistry and complexity of the cigar box are evident in its design, meaning, significance. As an outcome to this craftsmanship are collectible items because it showcases companies' expertise with boxes and designs imprinted on them.

Core Differences B/W Cigar Boxes & Cigar Packaging
Core Differences B/W Cigar Boxes & Cigar Packaging

There are many different ways to distinguish between cigar boxes and cigar packaging, but the two seem very similar.

Packaging the cigars usually means when they're completed and are forwarded to a packing machine, which holds them up nicely and firmly for transportation. There are various options available in boxes while picking these big cigarettes, and one can choose what fits their needs best.

In addition, cigar boxes are a great way to store and protect your valuable items. There are many different types, like paper folds for small packages or cardboard boxes that hold cigars in one spot during movement.

With paper and cardboard packaging, the cigars are sealed for a long-term experience. Boxes pack up the product in an expedient manner but do not provide safety over time as they can break or be damaged by moisture which would harm your cigars.

How to Leave an Impact with Cigar Boxes?

Differentiating your brand with a box that has an impact on the customer is rare, but it can be done. Companies put up boxes as proof of reliability and trustworthiness for their customers.

Therefore, when you have one that says "made in Cuba" or features other specific information about what's inside - like weight distribution- people will know exactly how much they are getting without opening up another package.

A company's name is built on the boxes they produce. Cigar companies get their box packaging services from tobacco producers. These companies meticulously organize which one to use based on their importance for this particular task.

The display also communicates quality about how high or low priced something may actually end up being because most people will judge by appearance before anything else.

They want to keep up with their company's reputation, so they work hard and choose companies that are authentic.

3 Stunning Designs for Cigar Box Packaging

Designing the cigar packaging for a new product is no easy feat. It takes creativity, experience, and precision to make sure that each step of production goes off without any hiccups or mistakes along the way.

The packaging design for a product can make or break it. The right look will help you stand out from your competitors and create an emotional connection with customers, resulting in longer sales cycles.

In 2021, we are looking at different styles of cigar box designs & ideas that will be perfect for your brand.

Top 3 Trendy Cigar Packaging Designs

1: Natural Looking Cigar Boxes
Natural Looking Cigar Boxes

Minimalism has always ruled the market. In 2021, minimalistic products will continue to be popular because they are attractive yet simple to give you an aesthetic presence in the market.

The color of your company logo is essential, as it will define the look you want for your brand. It would be best if you went with neutral shades like brown and green for your cigar boxes so that any other colors in a design are not overwhelmed by them.

2: Make Use of Textures
Make Use of Textures

It is vital to make your product feel as if it were made for a specific purpose. Many companies do this by using textured packaging and adding in sophisticated touches like glossy or embossed surfaces, which will captivate buys with sophisticated taste.

3: Go with Modern Art
Go with Modern Art

Illustration is an art form that was developed over centuries by cultures all around the world. It is now being recognized for its creative power and ability to tell stories in ways words cannot always do justice.

In today's age, many companies are looking at illustration as a tool they can use when marketing their brand – attracting new clients through creativity while still appealing to older generations for never-out-of-fashion cigars.

A recent trend in design at the present time are boxes that come outfitted with interesting artwork. Typically, these feature vibrant colors or expressive outlines for maximum impact. 

Artwork on the packaging will be more interactive in the future. For example, with graphic design and modern illustration, we will see creative artwork pop up all over it.

Bonus Design Idea: Vintage Cigar Boxes

Vintage Cigar Boxes

Combining traditional and modern elements, this design can be applied in the nicotine industry or others too because of its flexibility. The trend combines fonts with colors used for packaging as well as allusions to vintage designs that will appeal to many.

For a more old-timey feel, use colors that are muted and pastel. Add some whites into the palette for an extra touch of nostalgia.

We checked out the four best packaging designs that will make your brand prominent in the market while protecting your stogies from various factors.

In Conclusion

As the popularity of cigar boxes and packaging has increased, companies are coming up with more imaginative ways to promote their businesses. While it is true, these items are not just for smoking but also serve other purposes such as storing tobacco products properly or protecting them during shipping.

We have discussed cigar boxes vs cigar packaging as both have become a popular topic over the internet. We hope that this article was of use to you. Please share your feedback with us.


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