Detail Guide About Designing A Creative Packaging Box
  • Rebecca R. Lopez
  • 08 March, 2021

A Detail Guide to Design A Creative Packaging Box Through Simple Steps

CBD products are among other natural goods that are beneficial to human beings. The manufacturers procure these products from the herbs of various diverse plants and turn them into usable products using purification and testing techniques in high-tech laboratories. These tests and researchers have found that CBD products effectively deal with various diseases, and now everyone agrees with the benefits of CBD products.

These benefits have made these CBD products trendy. Later, the world realized that the packaging of these products should second the product's theme and should benefit the customers. The first thing which is essential for packaging is the safety of the product. This safety means protection from damage and the environment. Several environmental factors play a vital role in decreasing the product life, like rust, moisture, humidity, etc.

Steps to Design a Creative Packaging Box

Good packaging ensures the safety of the product and increases its life. Special techniques are used to protect the product from environmental factors. Multi-layered and air-sealed packaging techniques are the practices of the market. Air-sealed packaging provides protection from moisture and bacteria in the air, which causes fungus and rust. Meanwhile, multi-layered packaging increases the durability of packaging, giving extra support to the product and makes it able to bear extra pressure, which prevents physical damage.

Steps to Design a Creative Packaging Box

All this durability and presentation of the packaging comes under the umbrella of packaging designing. In the age of competition, you cannot ignore the importance of good presentation of product, which appeals a customer. CBD producers give importance to packaging because the market is very diverse, and a customer has a variety of options while purchasing a single product.

Good packaging of a product adds value to the product. It helps a producer differentiate his creation in the market by setting a new benchmark for the packaging. Because of the tuff competition, it is also essential to advertise your product to educate people about your product or company. There are different theories of advertisements that endorse the necessity of good packaging.

Steps to Design a Creative Packaging Box

As new companies and products are coming to the market, so new packaging and designing companies are entering the market. These companies provide different services like market research, material selection, packaging designing, printing, etc. Many freelancers are also giving their services to design good packaging for your products.

If you have started a new CBD business or started a packaging company for these products, you need to read this article. It will give you a complete understanding of the packaging process, and it will suggest ideas to design good CBD packaging for your product by using simple steps.

Steps to Design a Creative Packaging Box

1) Check Your Product:

Check Your Product

The first and foremost thing to design packaging is to understand the product. It includes a complete study about the product, its features, ingredients, size, shape, weight, etc. These elements determine the nature and design of the packaging.

As packaging has a linkage with the marketing and advertising campaigns, it helps make a presentable design, which can attract the masses' attention.

Furthermore, it helps to select a suitable packaging material and design which is different from the ordinary designs which are being used for decades.

2) Search About Competitors and Their Packaging Techniques:

Search About Competitors and Their Packaging Techniques

Beating the competition is one of the prime purposes of the packaging. CBD producers invest their money in quality packaging to make their products superior to others.

For this purpose, observing the rivals' strategies is very important. It gives you a better understanding of the market, trendy materials, designs, and shapes. It helps to make unique packaging of good quality to create competition in the market.

As a CBD producer, you can observe the competitors or hire a person to do this job. You can ask your packaging partner to do this job for you.

Different packaging companies offer these services to their clients, and if you have started a new packaging company, you should start to give this service to your clients.

3) Understand Your Audience:

Understand Your Audience

When you are going to give something, you need to think about the receiver. A customer is at the receiving end, and eventually, he pays for the packaging. A portion of the product's price is of the packaging, and some studies suggest that about ten percent of the packaging cost goes for packaging.

You need to think like a customer. Think critically, that if you are at the receiving end, What will you demand? What are your needs? And what are your wishes?

It is a crucial step because individuals' choice varies from person to person according to his demographics. The customers' needs and demands will vary according to their age, religion, sex, lifestyle, and income. A pilot study or survey can help you in this regard. You can gather the response of different customers through questionnaires, interviews, and their responses on social media platforms. These things help you target the maximum number of people by solving their problems about the packaging.

4) Ask About the Client's Budget:

Ask About the Client's Budget

Money always comes first in this process. Both the designer and the client need to know about the limitations. If you are a designer or have a packaging company, you need to know about the client's budget for the packaging. You can ask him about the budget before starting the work on the packaging design.

The client gives you a limitation, and you cannot cross this limit. Otherwise, it will disturb the whole designing process. It doesn't mean that you cannot ask the client to increase the budget. You can request him politely, but you are not allowed to force him.

When you know the budget and the client's requirements, you can give him several ideas within his budget. It is his right to select a design, which suits the product. Moreover, it enhances your credibility in the client's cognition. He starts to trust you and recommends you to others.

5) Select the Suitable Material:

Select the Suitable Material

Here comes the tricky part of the whole process. Ask the customer about the packaging material to make a design. If the customer gives you the option to choose the material, choose it wisely.

Some products use double packaging like primary and secondary packaging. Choose the material of both packagings according to the client's budget. Choose a fine quality that suits the needs of the product and answers the queries of the customers.

Sometimes, a customer selects the material for packaging. You can suggest to him different materials that are of good quality within his budget. Do not force the customer to choose the material of your choice. It is right to select the material because he is paying for it.

While selecting a material, keep certain things in mind, which are:

a) Eco-Friendly Material:

The packaging material should be eco-friendly which is bio-degradable, and decomposes within few days. You can also use recyclable material, which is recyclable and can be used several times after the recycling process.

b) Widely Available:

Availability is also important because an easily available material saves money and time. A rarely available material will cause many issues like price hikes and availability issues.

6) Think About Fillers:

Think About Fillers

Fillers are an essential part of the packaging. Every product's packaging uses some fillers to protect the product. For some products like electronics, glass products, and some precious items, fillers are designed specially. These fillers not only provide support to the product but also helps to organize it.

These fillers help to keep the products intact in the packaging and organize the accessories of the products. Different materials are used for fillers like plastic, paper, cotton, synthetic fiber, and many more. It will be a surprise if someone does not know about the bubble wraps, which comes in both categories:

  • The Secondary Packaging
  • The Filler of the Packaging

Choose a quality filler for your product according to the product, type, size, and shape. The organic filler is a good option. These organic fillers are very trendy these days. CBD producers are using organic fillers for their products to match the theme of the packaging.

7) Use Best Designing Tools:

Use Best Designing Tools

To meet contemporary needs, you need to adopt contemporary techniques. The use of technology is the need of time. Previously, packaging designs were made on paper, and then the evaluation process started, and the now 3D designing tools are the best option to design packaging.

These modern tools help save time and money because these tools provide endless creativity without spending money. These tools make you able to bring your imagination and creativity to the computer screen, and you do not need to make the testing designs. On the computer, you can make changes in your packaging designs, and after thorough checking, you can finalize the design.

8) Ensure Reliability of Packaging:

Ensure Reliability of Packaging

The packaging's reliability is directly linked with the customers' and retailers' trust in the company. The packaging of your product should be reliable enough to provide proper support to the product. This support avoids damage to the product.

It also eases the retailers to store the products because they place bulk orders of a product. Moreover, as E-Commerce is booming and people are placing online orders across the globe, the customer's prime concern is the safety of the products. Often it has been seen that a customer receives damaged products, which harm the company credibility, and the company loses its customer.

As a producer, you need to ensure the durability and reliability of the packaging, which not only protects the products but also increases their life. Different quality and reliability tests are conducted to ensure the quality of the packaging.

9) Choose a Pleasant Printing Design:

Choose a Pleasant Printing Design

When you are done with the shape and design of the packaging box, you need to decorate it to make it welcoming for the customers. Printing and labeling are the common practices of the market. There are different types of printing used for packaging. Some common types are:

  • Digital printing
  • Offset printing
  • Flexography

There are several other types which you will find in the market. Select a printing technique according to the packaging shape, size, and budget. Use colors and illustrations to make the packaging aesthetically pleasing. It puts a good impression on the customer's mind. Moreover, it grabs the attention of people, which helps the company to boost the business.

10) Play with Words:

Play with Words

You have often heard that packaging communicates with the customers. Have you ever think that how it speaks to the customers?

The answer is simple, through words. Good packaging communicates to the audience through:

  • Tag-lines
  • Punch lines
  • Slogans
  • Product Description
  • Ingredients Declarations and Warnings

These things give you the leverage of targeting potential customers, but you have to take care of certain things like:

  • You cannot make false claims.
  • You cannot defame someone.
  • You cannot copy someone's words.

The violation of any of these can cause serious legal problems for you. To avoid these difficulties, you need to cross-check each and everything. Moreover, use easy words and avoid lengthy paragraphs in the product description as these paragraphs give a bulky look, which doesn't look pleasant to the customers.

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