There is nothing more exciting in the cannabis industry than discovering new ways to get high. The distillate type of cannabis extract is used in vape pens by cannabis users who prefer vaping. It's important to note that distillate is not the only cannabis extract on the market - there is also live resin. It is a matter of personal preference whether you prefer to vape cannabis with distillate or live resin.

The difference between the two cannabis concentrates has been compared to the difference between fresh squeezed orange juice (live resin) and concentrate orange juice (distillate). If you've ever wondered what the benefits of using live resin concentrates are, this guide will help you out. This article describes what makes them different from other cannabis concentrates, and what kind of experience you can expect when you use live resin.

Live Resin: What Is It?

The live resin of the cannabis plant is a cannabis concentrate extracted from its fresh flowers. In order to preserve the essence of the plant, plants are harvested at the peak of the season and flash-frozen.

Cannabis plants are composed primarily of trichomes. Cannabinoids and terpenes are stored here. Cannabis varieties are scented by terpenes, while cannabis high is produced by cannabinoids. Live resin is created by extracting the essence of flash-frozen cannabis flowers.

A honey-like substance that packs a punch

The consistency of live resin is similar to that of crystallised honey. A similar colour range can be found in live resin, which ranges from light yellow to dark yellow to white. You should use a dab tool when preparing live resin, since it is quite sticky like most cannabis extracts.

There is a lot of i in live resin concentrates. Cannabis seasoned users may prefer this high over new users because it creates a strong, intense high. Cannabis users will enjoy this product due to its high terpene content, which provides the resin's aroma.

Where Do Live Resins Come From?

Cannabis plants are flash-frozen immediately after harvest to create live resin. In the extraction process, the plants remain frozen throughout, omitting all drying, curing, and trimming steps.

There is no doubt that flash-freeze extraction is superior to extraction by drying and curing. As a result, the plant's natural flavours and aromas are affected by the drying and curing process. While drying and curing, chlorophyll and moisture are lost from the plant.

In this way, the terpenes are broken down by heat, oxygen, and light. Harvesting also breaks off the trichomes when handled and moved.

The terpenes, however, are protected by flash-freezing. As a result, the terpene profile of live resin remains unaltered. The rich and aromatic flavours of live resin are a result of this. Having a high level of terpenes, live resin can deliver a taste similar to fresh fruit and herbs.

Cured resin vs. live resin: What's The Difference?

A distillate, or cured resin concentrate, differs from a live resin concentrate primarily by the starting material. Plant material is dried and cured to produce cured resin. When plant material is frozen during extraction, it is preserved as live resin.

People may prefer one over the other depending on their preference. Any resin containing light hydrocarbons is considered flavourful and aromatic, regardless of whether it is live or cured.

Live Resins and Terpene Content

Different cannabis plants have different aromas and flavours based on their terpenes. In comparison with other cannabis concentrates, live resin concentrates retain the greatest percentage of terpenes.

There is no psychoactive effect associated with terpenes, unlike cannabinoids. Cannabis experiences are improved by these components, however. Terpene compounds complement cannabinoids in order to create the 'entourage effect,' which refers to the combined effects of both plant compounds.

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