How To Boost Business With Printed CBD Boxes
  • Rebecca R. Lopez
  • 17 March, 2021

How Can CBD Boxes with Good Printing Boost the Retail Business?

Creative packaging structure, attractive printing colors, and product protection deliver high-end product packaging solutions to improve your market. Complex shapes and configurations of custom boxes will make the product the market leader. It gives your product a different perspective, and it also allows you to turn into the stronger company that you've always dreamed of. With imaginative custom packaging, you redefine your product with an eye-catching look that appeals to consumers. If you're selling goods at stores or online, innovative packaging makes purchasing products prominent and compelling.

Creative packaging becomes more important, and retail boxes are among the most popular packaging products. Many company entrepreneurs use them to pack hundreds of items of daily use. High-quality retail packaging makes it possible for suppliers to view items more attractively in supermarkets or retail shops.

This gives the company a distinct personality which makes it distinctive from hundreds of identical products. Custom retail boxes provide interesting designs, sizes, and shapes to pack different products. You can customize the boxes as you want. The product description can be printed on the packaging boxes. The consistency of the materials and the consistency of the inks are also important for the printing of packaging boxes.

Why Retailers Need CBD Boxes?

Why Retailers Need CBD Boxes

Retail packaging serves a variety of roles. It ensures optimum security for objects and keeps them secure during delivery, storage and show. Second, custom retail boxes are used to provide an appealing presentation to the products. They showcase the brand among a variety of rivals. Both factors are essential to improve the sales of your company. The product to be held is sometimes quite sensitive. A retail box is perfectly suited to protect it from damage, breakage, or mishandling. By using this form of packaging, you can ensure safe shipment at the doorstep of the customers. Retail boxes are an excellent way to endorse your products.

As these custom CBD boxes provide the best packaging solutions to the retailers and the customers, the demand for these boxes is skyrocketing. Moreover, through these boxes, retailers get an opportunity to promote their business because these boxes have high acceptability in the market.

How Can A Customized Printing Boost a Retail Business?

How Can A Customized Printing Boost a Retail Business

The packaging is incomplete without printing. It is just like having a box without the product inside. With the new developments in the printing industry, the printing choices are not limited to one or two types; instead, it has become a whole branch.

Good packaging gives recognition to the businesses and helps them to reach their potential customs. Companies spend a handsome amount of money on their advertisements to aware people about the brand, but an advertisement campaign requires handsome packaging which is presentable on the media. After seeing the packaging, people come to know about the brand or company, and they come to the store to purchase those products.

When a customer comes to the store to buy a certain product, he sees the packaging of the product. He reads the features of the product written on the packaging, makes a comparison with other brands, and then makes his buying decision.

Moreover, there are several other features of good retail packaging that help retailers to boost their sales.

Those features are:

  • Durability
  • Light Weights
  • Sustainability
  • And Costing
  • Printing

Printing of retail packaging is a broad field, and there are several printing techniques and methods to do this job perfectly. These methods or techniques are decided according to the client's budget and product needs.

The famous printing methods are:

  • Lithography
  • Flexography
  • Inkjet Printing
  • Rotogravure
  • Silkscreen Printing

a) Lithography

This method is used for the bulk production of packaging. Printing plates are used for this kind of printing. These plates are inked and then passed onto the packaging to get the required printing design. Rollers are used as printing plates. Firstly, the design is imprinted on the rollers and then printed on the packaging using these rollers. You will have seen different cartons and labels of different products based on lithography printing.

This technique is not so common as compared to the other printing techniques. Most business-like food, cosmetics, and electronics are relying on this technique.

The biggest disadvantage of this design is the costing issue. It is not economical, and it requires specific printing plates for each design which are useless after making changes in the design. Moreover, you need a flat surface for printing, and there are many other requirements that make this technique less attractive.

b) Flexography

This method of printing technology is used for flexible material. It is a modern version of relief printing. It is a commonly used method of printing.

Flexible packaging supplies widely that use flexography include plastics and stand-up pouches. Flexography is found in the packaging industry for printing graphics, text, and photographs on non-porous products used for various food packaging applications.

The biggest disadvantage of this technique is the lack of efficiency because this technique lacks in delivering smooth colors, and the quality is lesser than lithography printing.

c) Inkjet Printing:

It is an ink-jet-based printing process in which graphics and marking components are added directly to plastic substrates. New digital printing negates the requirement labels and cardboard inserts. It results in a significant decrease in waste, lower inventory requirements, and quicker demand dynamics.

Digital printing solutions for flexible packaging now have variable and customizable material for flexible packaging printing applications. It facilitates a wide variety of graphics and text apps for selected subgroups of customers and buyers.

d) Rotogravure:

This printing technique is a little different from the other ones. In this printing, the design print is engraved on the rotatory cylinder, which is used for printing. This cylinder rotates and with ink prints design on the packaging. This technique is used for printing punches and bags. Some companies are using this technique for the printing of different cartons etc.

The major disadvantage of this technique is costing. It requires bigger investments, but it does not provide a variety of coating options. This is used for the bigger packaging order and does not suits the smaller orders.

e) Silkscreen Printing:

This technique is used to design labels, prototypes, folding cartons, and promotional items, etc. This technique is very effective for pre-made packaging structures like bottles, cans, and caps, etc. It requires a low budget for setting up the costs, and it is very effective for the smaller orders. There is also no requirement for a flat surface, which makes it everyone's favorite.

But on the other hand, there can be some disadvantages of this method. As it is effective for the smaller orders, so it is not the best for the bigger orders. The speed can be slower as compared to other methods. Despite all the disadvantages, we can conclude that this method is useful for entry-level packaging companies and retailers with minimum orders.

Packaging Designing Tips:

Packaging Designing Tips

a) Place the Brand Logo:

Do not forget to place the logo of the company on the packaging. It helps to give recognition to the business. The logo of the business is the key to establish the brand's identity in the market.

Moreover, if a brand launches different products with different packaging, the logo will be the common factor between all the packaging designs. Sometimes, people just purchase the product by seeing the company's logo because the customer trust that company.

If you are looking forward to establishing your business in the long-run, you definitely need to have a good logo for your company or brand.

b) Use Attractive Colors:

Colors are an important part of the packaging because bold colors give a promising look to the packaging, which adds value to the product and helps you to boost your business.

The multi-national brands are very consistent about their color schemes, and they are using those colors for decades. If you think for a while, you will find many brands which use the same color schemes for their products and their advertisements.

Moreover, these colors help the retailers to showcase your brand on the store shelves because it gives a good look to the shelves and attracts the customers, which is key to success for the retail business.

c) Use Tag-lines:

You definitely need to have a good tag-line for your business. If you are a retailer, just thoroughly look at your business and pick a line that elaborates your business. The tag-lines play a vital role in brand recognition, and people remember those tag-lines while purchasing the products. Your tag-line is the punch to win the market competition. Think about the different tag-lines and then select a good tag-line.

d) Illustrations:

Illustrations give packaging a more prominent look, and customers observe these illustrations. These illustrations or pictures vary according to the product or marketing strategy. If you have a brand ambassador, then it is definite that you will use his picture in the packaging.

But if you have not hired a brand ambassador, you can print the product picture, cartoon character, or the picture of a national hero to pay the tribute.


Like any other aspect of production and marketing, the packaging is also very important, and you cannot ignore the importance of printing while thinking about packaging. A customized packaging provides you the facility of printing of your choice.

Choose a good printing method and design to add value to the product and the business. You may think that it is expensive, but it will pay you back because it is an investment for your business. Through good packaging, you will earn the trust of the customers, and they will become your loyal customers, and in the long-run, it will benefit you.

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