How To Know When Oil Cartridge Is Empty
  • Rebecca R. Lopez
  • 20 July, 2021

Vape pens are pretty handy and compact to use anywhere for an easy smoke session. This device heats up the chemical substances while eliminating or leaving behind the harmful ones to give a safer smoking experience. But, how to know when the oil cartridge is empty?

This article covers all the important points to know when your cartridge is empty and the problems you could face.

Structure of the Vape Device

Structure of the Vape Device

Resource: Research Gate

Oil vape cartridges are a great alternative to traditional smoking. The cartridge is the key component of this device that holds your vape liquid (e-juice).

You can easily refill or replace them with new ones when they are depleted without purchasing another whole kit that saves you money in the long run. It has the following components:

  • Heating coil
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Chamber functioning as tank or cartridge
  • Mouthpiece

How Do I Know When My Vape Cartridge Is Empty?

When the oil in your vaporizer cartridge is running low, it can be hard to tell if you should replace or refill. Here are a few useful tips to ensure that you never run out of vape juice:

  • Blue Light Indicator: The blue light is your signal that it is time to say goodbye. You can see when one of the cartridges will need replacing from its blinking LED indicator on top. If you do not want a stressful experience, always keep an eye out for this.

  • See-Through Window: Having a cartridge that turns orange indicates that it is time to change the oil, but what does this mean for your device? A smoky smell will start coming through, and you will require replacement.

  • As soon as you notice one or both indications - the color change on the viewing window and/or any kind of odor from your vape pen, you should immediately find yourself some new cartridges with fresh oils inside them so keep vaping like normal.

  • Avoid Sunlight Exposure: Acrylic is a material known for its ability to change color after prolonged exposure to sunlight. For this reason, you should be careful when using your oil vape pens outside or anywhere under bright light. If you rely on what you see through the naked eye instead of how it feels in your hand or if there is any vapor coming out, then the casing could appear discolored.

  • Expiry Date: So, you are almost out of your vape and not sure what to do? Discard it when the cartridge reaches its expiry date for a quick fix. But if you take minimal amounts of vapor, then this technique will not work very well.

If you are thinking about how to know when a marijuana vape oil cartridge is empty or how to know when a THC oil cartridge is empty, we would like to inform you that these things apply to all sorts of cartridges.

Can You Easily Reuse the Cartridge?

It is important to be aware of the fact that when you throw away an empty cartridge, some oil will still remain in your atomizer.

While this might not seem like a big deal at first, and it may seem wasteful or unhygienic to reuse cartridges, there are several advantages from doing so.

It is much less time-consuming than refilling tanks with preloaded oils all day long, leaving a lot more chances for contamination between flavors. Some traces of residue may remain inside, so it is worth checking before buying another one.

There is another way that answers how to tell when a vape cartridge is done. You will have dry hits that taste bad and feels unpleasant in the throat.

How to Check Your Oil Cartridge?

How to Check Your Oil Cartridge

Do you know when things are just not going your way? That is how it can feel if you are using a malfunctioned vape pen and the cartridge.

To figure out whether this issue is due to faulty cartridges or defective vapes, make sure you have used both products correctly and test them with other compatible devices if possible so we do not get stuck wondering what could be wrong for hours.

If you are a vaping enthusiast who has experienced a broken vape, just head down to your nearest vape shop. They will check your vape for possible damage.

They also have everything from nicotine e-cig options, mod kits for beginners or advanced vapers alike, as well as all types of accessories, including replacement batteries and coil heads.

A vape store can help you ascertain if your cartridge is incompatible with your device and even when it fits. They also have a wealth of knowledge in the specifications for cartridges that are compatible with different pens to ensure you do not burn out any battery contact points by using an incorrect one.

The Issues & Solutions of Vape Oil Cartridge

Oil cartridges can be susceptible to a lot of problems that make it seem like they are broken, but often the problem is something you might fix yourself. We will inform and provide solutions for some common problems with oil cartridge pens.

In the below passage, you will find a list of some ordinary problems that may occur with your oil cartridge and their corresponding solutions. Below are listed just a few out of many possible issues as well as how to fix them:

1. Clogged Vape

If you experience that your vape pen is not producing enough vapor, it is possible that the airway in the cartridge was clogged with oil residue. This can clog the mouthpiece if you are a frequent vape user and use them often over long periods of time.

The solution for this common problem consists of allowing more heat into your device by heating it up longer than usual. As when vaping, the oil will be displaced from its original position on the mouthpiece or somewhere along the path where there may have been an accumulation due to cooling down without use.

2. Buttonless Vape Pen

It is challenging with vape with no buttons as you cannot activate the heating to clear the clogged pathway. To avoid having a plugged-up vapor pathway in a buttonless vape pen, kindly ensure to heat your vape pen with another medium. If you are unable to draw a hit because of the clogged airway, try heating it manually on something like an electric heater or stove element until enough oil has come through and can be drawn upon again.

3. Too Little of Power from the Vape Device

There are many elements to take into account when deciding on an oil cartridge for your vape pen. Relying on the viscosity of your chosen item and several other characteristics, a battery may not be powerful enough to operate all cartridges. If you use variable voltage functionality with your device, then it is advisable to increase the temperature level as high as possible - this should resolve any issues that arise concerning low power levels in some products.

4. Poor Connection Between the Battery and Cartridge

The battery and cartridge of an oil vape are so tightly connected that even a slight change in their alignment can cause big problems. If you are using the wrong type of screw for tightening your cartridges on your vaporizer's battery, then it may not heat as well or might stop working entirely.

Users might find remains on either of the connection point of the cartridge or battery. You can clean it by using a towel or even your fingers. It would be great not to use fluids as these devices are electrical.

Despite having the proper connection, if the problem persists, you need to check the bottom part to ensure the cartridge is in touch with the battery.

5. Incompatible Battery

When you find a cartridge that fails to work with your vape batteries, it could be because the voltage is off or there is incompatible oil viscosity.

To test this out for yourself, try using other vaporizers to see if they allow and use the same type of cartridges as well. If all else fails after trying different types of batteries out, then try checking at a local store to see if any vapes will work with these cartridges.


In conclusion, we have answered everything pertaining to how do you know when your vape cartridge is empty. We covered everything from reusing your oil cartridge to addressing all the common problems smokers face with their devices.

The simplest way to know when your oil cartridge is empty is to notice the lighter weight, when no liquid can be seen when held up to the light, and a more pungent smell arises than what was initially produced before running out of juice.

You may start noticing that it takes longer for each hit to reach its full potential because there is not enough cotton wick material left inside the cartridge, with less liquid per puff being absorbed by your coils.

We believe our article was helpful enough to make your issues related to empty oil cartridges go away. Drop a comment below to share your thoughts with us.

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