How to Start a CBD Business in Texas 2021
  • Rebecca R. Lopez
  • 29 June 2021

CBD is on the rise nowadays. It is the talk to today's market, and its industry is reaching the sky. This miraculous product is being used for various medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Cannabis has long been a contentious topic in the United States.

But with new regulations on its legal status, people are now more interested in what this means for business opportunities and taking its advantages into consideration.

When talking about cannabis and its benefits, then comes THC, which is one of many cannabidiols found within cannabis plants-and gets much attention from consumers as well as CBD enthusiasts who see great potential to form the mainstream of America's growing CBD market.

With the market for hemp-derived CBD products growing at an annual rate of 53% and US legal markets showing a steady increase from $688 million in 2016 to $1.8 billion by 2020, there is plenty of opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to get into this lucrative industry.

In this article, we shall shed some light on the key points you must keep in mind while selling CBD in Texas.

The Legality of CBD in Texas

CBD was legalized in Texas in 2019. The Texans can relish the cannabis products as they are now legitimatized for business. It was declared that CBD oil is safe and lawfully accepted to use for various health-related issues. But it has come under the condition that it should only curtail 0.3 percent THC.

For the first time in nearly two centuries, hemp is no longer deemed a controlled substance by Texas. The new change that was passed into law this year has eliminated previous restrictions on manufacturing and monitoring to create broader access for all Texans as they explore hemp's potential uses.

The Health Industry is making strides with the passing of this amendment. Consumers and businesses alike are welcoming its new potential, declaring it a major leap towards progress for those who need more relief from chronic conditions such as aches or depression.

In Texas, the Health Industry is making strides with the passing of this amendment. Consumers and businesses alike are welcoming its new potential, declaring it a major leap towards progress for those who need more relief from chronic conditions such as anxiety, depression, and acute and chronic pains.

This law opens many doors for people to start their own businesses selling cannabis in Texas since no other state allows this business opportunity.

Accessible CBD Items in Texas

Accessible CBD Items in Texas

If you want to excel in the CBD business in Texas, you must be aware of the availability of CBD products. Following are the items that you can sell or manufacture legally in the Texas market.

  • CBD ointments
  • CBD oil
  • CBD edibles
  • CBD creams
  • CBD vapes
  • CBD beverages
  • CBD topical products, and many more

Moreover, some more products can be sold for medicinal purposes, which curtail THC up to 0.5 percent. But they are restricted under specific state laws.

Tips on Starting a CBD Business in Texas

Tips on Starting a CBD Business in Texas

There are innumerable exclusive opportunities for new and innovating businesses to sell CBD. Initiating a business in this industry has its share of hard work and effort, but the rewards might be worth it if you are prepared to deal with constantly shifting regulations as an emerging market is projected to grow rapidly.

With the increased popularity of CBD products, it is vital for you to be creative in how you market your product.

There are many ways to advertise online or even carry your own physical store that will sell incredible CBD products for people who want natural relief from pain without harmful side effects. Creating an e-commerce site is definitely worth it because this allows potential customers to find whatever they need in CBD items.

The Vitality of Hemp License

The Vitality of Hemp License

For the initiation of a CBD business in Texas, it is necessary to have the license or permit to manufacture cannabis products. The initial licensing application submission is an important and crucial process. The applicant must include the details of where hemp products are produced, handled, stored, or processed.

A lot of people are interested in the production and sale of hemp. You can get your license to grow, sell or process it, but fees will differ based on what you want to do with this versatile plant. Talk about having options: not only is there more than one type that permits cultivation per facility (or even within the same property), each registration has its own fee structure depending on where they're located in Texas.

CBD Business Licensing

Texas now has a Compassionate Use program for people who need CBD goods for medicinal reasons. The Texas Department of Agriculture is in charge of implementing specific licensing requirements and hemp farming practices to make things easier for businesses and farmers alike.

You can visit the Texas Department of Agriculture website to apply for cultivation, making it much more accessible than before. Moreover, this department is responsible for making sure that farmers and businesses stay within standards by providing CBD grown locally as well as those who need them medicinally.

CBD The Biggest Business Opportunity

CBD can turn out to be quite fruitful if it is approached in the right manner. CBD is one of the quickest-growing sectors, and hemp products are taking off rapidly following the passage of legalization in Texas.

The growth opportunity in the CBD market has no limits. Unlike other industries, these products seem to be constantly on the rise as more people discover their benefits for a wide range of medical needs, from epilepsy to acne prevention.


CBD business requires a lot of planning and regulatory stuff to get started, but it is full of potential. It can be risky as any other industry, so you should do enough research before making your first investment.

The chances of failure in every business are inevitable. But if CBD business is done correctly, you can make the most out of it in terms of profit and growth.

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