Latest Design And Printing Trends In CBD Boxes
  • Rebecca R. Lopez
  • 15 March, 2021

Evolution of Custom CBD Boxes Is So Famous, but Why?

A product comes to the market after passing the different tests and getting the certifications from legal authorities. There are several products which are banned in different countries by the land's law. Cannabis and hemp are one of those products which were banned for a longer period because these products were being used for addictive purposes and drugs. These products were found fatal for the customers, so countries started to ban these products. Later on, different researches and studies have proven that the excess use of these products is dangerous. Still, in the meantime, these products are beneficial for the prevention and cure of different diseases.

Evolution Story of Custom CBD Boxes

By seeing the benefits, different countries have allowed the production of Cannabis and hemp for medicines. The CBD extractions are used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food. The US is one of the major producers of Cannabis. The CBD businesses are booming, and it has become one of the most favorite industries for investors. Every day new CBD products and companies are entering the market. CBD products are readily available in stores and on different e-commerce websites.

As per the industry estimate released by the business consulting company BDSA, the global market for cannabis in 2020 is expected to be more than $19.7 billion (including the effects of Covid-19), which marks a 38 percent rise in revenue of $14.8 billion from 2019.

Evolution Story of Custom CBD Boxes

Digging further, Millions Insights estimates that the global demand for CBD skincare is projected to visit $1.7 billion by 2025 (+32.9 percent CAGR) and mentions growing "awareness related to the pharmacological activities of CBD infused beauty products" as a significant driver of growth.

The evaluation in the CBD industry has raised the demand for CBD packaging. After the legalization of CBD, these products were being packed in ordinary packaging, but with the passage of time, the trend about packaging witnessed a change because of the public needs and demands. Let's figure out the question about CBD packaging evolution by digging deep into various types of CBD packaging with time.

Evolution Story of Custom CBD Boxes

Evolution Story of Custom CBD Boxes

If we deeply observe the trends for CBD packaging, we will find that time has changed the packaging techniques and the whole concept. Previously, packaging was made simply by ordinary methods, and there were no such legal issues about packaging.

The media in the last century was also not very active about these issues. The media was highlighting the political revolutions and the war stories, so people were not very conscious about the packaging designs and materials. But in the contemporary world, things have been changed. The number of producers has increased, media has become active and modern, so CBD producers are very concerned about the competition and their customers.

They are pushing themselves beyond the boundaries to become the customer's apple of the eye. They are adopting new packaging trends, using the best material for packaging, and utilizing the best printing methods to make their product superior in the market. They want to earn money and name, so they are willing to invest more in the packaging field.

Customers of CBD products are also very aware of everything. They knew about the products, their features, competitors, packaging strategies, and the benefits of good packaging. For this purpose, they check packaging quality and then make their buying decision.

By deeply observing the different aspects of custom CBD packaging, we can categories the elements of the evolution process, and those elements are:

  • Evolution in packaging shape and design
  • Change in packaging material
  • The evolution in printing techniques.

Let's discuss these elements in detail so you can get a better understanding of the whole process.

1) Evolution in Packaging Shape and Design:

Evolution in Packaging Shape and Design

Things change with the passage of time. Needs, demands and wishes also change with time. In the begging, the packaging of the products was kept simple because there were few producers in the market, and the competition was about none. The number of customers was very low because everyone was not aware of the benefits of CBD products.

The trend of online orders also came after 1960, when people start to give orders on the telephone. At that time, no one knew about the concept of E-Commerce, so packaging has nothing to do with transportation. Retailers also used to give small orders because there were few customers of these products.

At that time, packaging was being made with primitive methods, and the shape, size, and design were bulky and made up with heavy materials. The technology was also not very advanced at that time, and handmade packaging was trending. These packagings were very costly and time-consuming. Let's discuss the evolution of the design and shape of the packaging.

a) Drawings:

Drawing is one of the oldest techniques for designing. Designs were used to draw designs on paper, and after checking different aspects of those drawings, a packaging design was selected. It was effective at that time, but it was very time-consuming. Sometimes, designers used to take several days to design packaging for the product. These designs were used to make the final packaging. There was always a chance for error, so the pilot projects were conducted to check the design's accuracy. This method has been abandoned now, and several other methods are being practiced these days.

b) 2D Designs:

The computer is the biggest invention of the 20th century. It has made things easy for everyone. The packaging industry started to utilize these machines, but the biggest problem was a lack of skills. Previous designers were not familiar with this technology. They were good at designing, but they were not able to use the computer. So, it took time, but later on, several packaging designers used to make these designs on the computer.

The biggest disadvantage of these software applications is that they only project two dimensions of the design: the packaging's length and width. With the evolution of technology, the use of these software applications has also been abandoned, and new technologies and techniques have taken place in the market.

c) 3D Designs:

3D designing is the newest addition in the packaging field, and it enhances accuracy and provides efficiency at some time. It also helps to save time because these software applications help bring creativity to the screen, and you can check its different dimensions and make changes to it.

You also don't need to perform the test or conduct the pilot project to make a trustworthy design. Through 3D designing applications, you can make various packaging shapes with accuracy by saving you time and money.

It has changed the packaging concept, and now there are different shapes and sizes of packaging which were never part of the market before.

2) Change in Packaging Material:

Change in Packaging Material

Materials are changing with time. In the past, different materials were used for packagings like metal, wood, and plastic, etc. These materials are still in use, but at that time, the biggest disadvantage was of costing and shaping.

These materials were expensive, and there were no substitutes for them. Moreover, due to the use of old technology, the consumption of material was also high. This consumption of material has a linkage with the cost of packaging. The wise use of material helps to cut the packaging cost, which helps to attract more people. Let's look at the evolution of packaging materials and find the trendy packaging materials in the market.

a) Trendy Materials:

Everyday new materials are being introduced in the market. There are several packaging materials available in the market like:

  • Paper
  • Cardboards
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Cotton

Some of these materials are being used for decades, but some materials are the new market additions. Paper and cardboards are very cheap, effective, and easily available. Because of these reasons, the demand for these materials is booming.

b) Lightweight:

Lightweight materials are the need of the time. Online businesses are booming, and traditional businesses are establishing their online presence to meet the latest trends. Lightweight packaging helps to reduce the shipment costs, which attracts the audience. This customer attraction helps businesses to grow and accelerate their earnings.

c) Sustainable:

Sustainability of the packaging is very important these days. The world is very serious about the climate issue, and the media is giving prime coverage to this problem. Many countries have stopped the usage of disposable packaging because it creates waste and disturbs the environment and eco-system.

3) The Evolution in Printing Techniques:

The Evolution in Printing Techniques

The printing techniques and trends have also been changed. In the past, simple printing was the option, but these days there is a variety of options in the printing field. The popular trends for packaging printing are:

  • Offset printing method
  • Digital printing method
  • Screen printing method

a) Offset Printing Method:

There are different advantages of offset printing. It is cost-effective. If there is a majority of the content that has to be printed, it provides the safest way is to balance it. It's quicker than other methods. As it is simpler and more efficient, prices are naturally reduced. This approach also increases image quality relative to other technologies.

b) Digital Printing Method:

Digital printing is realistic due to increased color matching features as it is integrated into the device. Accessible color choices are also better than physical printing. This technique is commonly used because of its effectiveness, easiness, and cost-efficiency.

c) Screen Printing Method:

This technique is commonly used because of its effectiveness, easiness, and cost-efficiency. It is a long-lasting printing technique. There is a dense coating of ink used to render text and designs. If this method is used for garments and fabric, the pattern can remain in effect for a longer period of time.

The printing technique is chosen on the basis of the shipping package content. If you select cardboard material for your Custom CBD boxes, then offset printing is the safest option. And if you chose eco-friendly Kraft Paper for your Custom CBD vial packaging, then screen printing will give you the best performance you deserve.


Evolution is an ongoing process, which is very beneficial for development. The packaging industry is witnessing its evolution period. There was a time when CBD was banned across the globe, the legalization, production, and usage have created the demand for packaging. The packaging mechanism is developing, and now advanced equipment and techniques have made things easy for everyone.

Moreover, the trend of custom CBD boxes has given ease to retailers and producers because these boxes are durable, beautiful, and useful at the same time. Customers like these boxes, so these custom CBD boxes have played a vital role in boosting the business of the producers and retailers.

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