An upgrade to prevent e-juice leaks

The structure of RELX products is innovative, and the roots are leak-proof. E-cigarettes with this design have an extra-long round airway that is ventilated to prevent leaks. The condensate is effectively blocked by 3 layers of leak-proof silicone and 11 layers of labyrinth structure. This vape device features an oil-proof mesh of 0.35MM, tension offset weight, and clever liquid isolation.

The oil leakage rate of the Infinity vape e-juice is extremely low based on the user feedback data so far.

Atomizer core upgraded to ceramic

Currently, only RELX Classic has the third generation of ceramic atomization core from FILM. A total of four generations of atomization cores have been upgraded to RELAX products in this kernel upgrade. This product has a much lower price compared to Alpha 2nd and Spirit Point 3rd. delicate and soft entrance fog feeling, a higher degree of fun and enjoyment.

Enhances battery life with wireless charging

It is possible to charge the RELX Infinity and Phantom products wirelessly in two ways. The ordinary version does not include a wireless charging compartment, while the free version has one. The charging compartment can be charged three to four times for the infinite body, increasing its range by three to four days. If you leave for a few days, you do not have to worry about the body going out of power because you have this charging compartment.

It takes a long time for RELAX Phantom and Infinity Vape batteries to charge. Without having to recharge, you can vape all day long.

During vaping sessions, the battery will automatically shut off so you won't lose power.

In just 30 minutes, you can get two hours of vaping time thanks to the quick charge feature.You can also customise your vaping experience with variable wattage.

Quality of Vapour

It is impossible to find a vapour quality like RELX Infinity. Smooth, flavorful vapour is achieved with its advanced heating system and pure ingredients. Also, the RELX Infinity has an excellent battery life, so you can vape for a long time without having to recharge. Those who want the best possible vapour experience choose Phantom Vape because of its sleek design and high-quality construction. For those who are on a budget, both Phantom Vape and Relx Infinity are great choices.

Upgrade of appearance design

As an example, the replacement nozzle design of the Infinity is very simple and very practical, designed according to ergonomic principles, and after 26 times the exact shape of the adjustment, it passed the consumer test with a strong sense of fit and no air leakage, so every use feels as natural as breathing.

Control of temperature

Phantom Vape and RELX Infinity Vape are two of the newest and most innovative vape devices available today. In terms of temperature control, they both have a number of advantages. RELX Infinity Vape and Phantom Vape are great options for smokers who want to quit smoking tobacco for five important reasons:

1. E-cigarettes Can Provide Insights Into Your Body's Reactions

With both RELX Infinity Vape and Phantom Vape, you can learn how your body reacts to vaping by tracking your Temperature Control Profile (TCP). Your vaping experience can be enhanced by this information, so you get the most out of every puff.

2. The temperature settings can be easily switched between

You can easily change between different temperatures with the RELX Infinity Vape and Phantom Vape. No matter what type of e-cigarette you use, you'll be able to find the perfect vaping temperature.

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