A vape box is a container in which you place your e-liquids and vaping accessories. These boxes are required whether you want to display your vape items in stores or ship them to your customers. Though custom packaging, you vape box’s design has a significant impact on how your customers perceive your business and product, so it’s important to ensure that it stands out from the crowd attractively and appealingly. To that end, this guide will help you discover seven ways to improve the appearance of your vape cartridge packaging boxes.

Use Good Quality Materials

It is critical for the vape packaging you use for your products to be made from good quality paperboard or cardboard. The best vape packaging boxes are designed for customer's convenience and your company's profit margin. Some types of vape packaging materials you should avoid include low-grade paper, lower-quality plastics, and cardboard that crumbles easily. When choosing the packaging stock, you must take care of the following factors.

  • Use premium material
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses
  • Opt for a custom size that fits the product

Customize These Boxes Completely

To have a successful vape business, you must use custom features in your packaging solution.

  • Use your logo or company name on every single box so people know what they are getting.
  • Use graphics to advertise your brand too and to make it stand out.
  • Also, don't forget to include a QR code on each box so people can scan them with their phones.

Customize these packages in whatever way you see fit. The last thing you want is for customers to come back and get a new box from you if they already used the old one. So be sure to put one-time or single-use somewhere on the package as well as warning labels about possible nicotine poisoning. When it comes to size, keep in mind that some people may not care about having an empty box when they leave but others will appreciate this feature.

Use Appropriate Colors

One trick is to try to use attractive colors. You can print graphics and other details in certain colors to create a beautiful presentation for your customers. For instance, you could use hot pink or bright green boxes for a woman's product, or hot orange ones for men.

This might get people more interested in your product and make it seem more luxurious. Alternatively, if you need to target just one segment of the population, like women, having different colored boxes based on gender would be effective. By adding various colors to you vape packaging, you can attract a customer base that fits your products.

You must also make your logo, slogan, or even drawing recognizable for the users. Using an appropriate design on your packaging not only makes it easier for consumers to recognize but also helps them remember what they bought and want again. In addition, another way to increase consumer interest in a product is by giving them information about its features.

Choose A Good Printing Technique

One of the most important steps in selling or shipping any type of product is the packaging. You can't just toss a vape pen in a box for transport because it could explode during transit. To make your product extraordinary, printing the packaging boxes with the right technique is an important factor.

  • Screen printing, for example, allows intricate designs without all the time that goes into printing with other techniques.
  • If you are not a company that needs multiple elements on each box, then consider using flexography or offset printing on you vape boxes. Not only are these processes less expensive but they also allow much more detail than screen printing.

The key to finding the best method is looking at what you need in your products and what kind of details are needed when making them look their best.

Use A Top Sticker

Top stickers are a great way to make your packaging unique. They can be plain stickers or even text. If you have a flexible budget, you can go with a customized die-cut sticker that matches your style. Whatever you choose, your top sticker is the first thing people will see and it can set the tone for the entire box. You should have one for each of your flavor lines so that customers know which line they are looking at.

A well-designed sticker can also improve many other aspects of the box. It could highlight important details on the back, like usage instructions or ingredients list. A good sticker will not only help sell your product but also protect it too. With custom stickers, you can combine protection and marketing all in one. For example, if you had an acrylic plastic lid that has scratches on it because it has been dropped a couple of times during storage, the solution would be to put the scratch right on the front of the label.

Ship Them with Care

Cramming lots of boxes in a container can crush and scratch the cartridges. Be sure to ship them with care by using cardboard pads or cushions. When it comes to packaging, it pays to do things right the first time. With these inserts, the products will arrive without breakage.

In addition, make sure that the box is sealed well and wrapped with an exterior wrap for protection against moisture damage on the way to your destination. These extra steps not only help protect your investment but also are likely to produce a happier customer at their door when they open the shipping box.


To conclude, you should know that there are many ways in which custom vape packaging can be improved. The design of the boxes themselves is an important thing to consider as well as the logos and slogans displayed on them. If a consumer is choosing your product over a competitor, then you need to think about these tips and how they affect the quality of your business.

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