Simple Steps To Design Creative CBD Cartridge Box
  • Rebecca R. Lopez
  • 11 March, 2021

A Detail Guide to Design a Trendy CBD Cartridge Box Through Simple Steps

CBD cartridges are very trendy because it is a perfect way to get your regular dose of Cannabidiol in a relaxing way with your favorite flavor. They are disposable pre-filled cartridges containing CBD E-juice. They're hooking up to the charger, and they're perfect for newcomers who want to get into the steaming CBD. Using a CBD steam cartridge with a vape pen is one of the easiest ways to enjoy the effects of CBD.

There is a variety of flavors for the vape cartridges. The vape producers give different options to their customers according to their taste and the dose of Cannabis. These vape cartridges are less harmful as compare to cigarettes and cigars, but these are highly expensive.

There is a minimal market for this product which is growing now. People use vape to show their class, and now it has become a part of our lives. As the upper class of the society uses, this product and price don't matter to them. They focus on luxury, and they willing to pay extra for luxury. The packaging of these vapes reflects the luxury because the customers do not compromise on the packaging.

There are different kinds of vape cartridges in the market. The size of the vape varies according to the battery size and shape. Pen shape cartridges come in sleek designs, and they are very easy to carry from one place to another. A person can keep those vape pens in his pocket and use them to fulfill his cannabis need. Other than that, some cartridges come in bigger shapes with bigger battery sizes and flavor filling bottles. These vapes are used for personal use and group parties. You can keep these vapes with you while going to the smokers' party.

As the demand for these vapes increases daily, the need for quality packaging is also growing. If you are a vape producer or have a packaging company, you need to read this article. It will provide you all the necessary information about the production of CBD cartridge boxes.

Steps to Design CBD Cartridge Box

1) Check Vape Size:

Check Vape Size

First thing you need to know before starting the work on the decision. You need to check the size of the vape cartridge. If the customer gives you the dimension written on the paper, ask him to provide you the vape cartridge because you need to see it physically. It is just not about the size of the cartridge, but the shape also matters. By physically examining the product, you will make a perfect design because it will give you a better understanding of the product, size, shape, and weight that are very important for packaging designs.

2) Check the Accessories:

Check the Accessories

There are different kinds of vapes, and their accessories vary according to their shape. Some vapes come with a complete package of flavors, and these flavor containers need to be packed within the vape packaging. It would be best if you considered this aspect while packaging.

Some brands also add the charger with the vape to differentiate their product. These chargers need to be in the packaging. You can add special portions or segments to add these chargers.

3) Select Quality Material:

Select Quality Material

The material for vape packaging should be of fine quality. These vapes need special protection to avoid damage. Choose a quality material that will ensure the safety of the product.

Moreover, some companies sell vapes online, so you need to think about the transportation aspect. Customers are inquisitive about the safety of the products.

The packaging companies make sure to use the best quality of material among all in the market to keep your vape cartridge safe in it. Moreover, they focus on the design and style of Vape Cartridge Boxes. They make sure the quality of CBD cartridge boxes for promoting their work. Having an eye-catchy packaging design is the key to attract customers. These companies use different materials for the custom printed vape cartridge boxes, which are:

a) Rigid Material:

As the name suggests, this material is rigid, which provides support to the vape to avoid damage. The rigidness depends upon the thickness of the material. Usually, 32pt is used for these kinds of packaging's.

b) Kraft Material:

Kraft packaging is made up of cardboard, and it is commonly used for cartridge packaging. This packaging material is the best because it is easily available. It is easy to transform it into any shape according to the product requirement.

Moreover, these cardboard materials are eco-friendly. They do not cause pollution and are not a threat to the environment. Some of these packaging's are made with recyclable materials, while some are made with bio-degradable materials which decompose within few days.

4) Choose a Filler:

Choose a Filler

Fillers are an integral part of the packaging. These fillers provide a firm grip on the product and help to avoid damage. Different materials are used to design the fillers, but cardboard and plastic fillers are commonly used everywhere.

Moreover, it helps to organize the packaging and maintain the accessories of the products. In vape cartridges, these fillers are vital because they give the packaging a charming look and manage the flavor containers and other products within the packaging.

5) Design a Box:

Design a Box

Designing the box means deciding its shapes. These shapes add value to the product and help to attract the audience. These shapes vary according to the design of the product. Like pen shape, vape packaging will be sleek and minimal, while for a bigger size vape's packaging will be according to its size.

Custom vape packaging is explicitly manufactured according to the client's demand, and customized prints make it more special, which also helps in marketing these products.

6) Add Something Extra:

Add Something Extra

Adding something extra into the packaging is a common practice of the market. People like surprises and gifts. It helps to connect with the audience because they get a special feeling of care by the company with these tactics. Different companies add little gifts in the packaging to surprise the customers. Moreover, lucky draws, lottery tickets, movie tickets, review cards, and greeting cards are also used for this purpose.

7) Print the Box:

Print the Box

Without fine printing, the packaging of your product is not completed. It is useless because it is just a box which is depicting nothing. You need packaging that communicates to the customer, aware of the product's features, and convinces them to purchase your product. A plain and dull box cannot do this, so here printing process comes into concentration.

To achieve your targeted goals about product sales, you need to print the packaging. Good packaging gives an aesthetic look that adds value to the product, and customers purchase the product. The packaging should tell the customers about the product, its features, and its ingredients for which the customer is coming to the market.

8) Marketing Through Packaging:

Laws for Vape Packaging

In the contemporary world, marketing is important for the success of a product. Keep in mind that linear media does not on-air the advertisements of the tobacco industry. It would be best to think about some other promotion tools like social media or direct advertisement tools.

In the last decade, social media has emerged as an influential power across the world. People share the tweaks of their lifestyle on social media sites to show their class, which is one reason for the increased demand for vapes because people use vapes because of luxury, and now these products have become an essential part of their life.

For the marketing of vape products on social media, you need to think about the audience's behavior about ads. Most people do not see the complete ad and skip it. The vape packaging should be precise because you have very little time to give your company's message.

9) Laws for Vape Packaging:

Marketing Through Packaging

The laws for vape packaging vary with the states and countries. If you blend e-liquids, treat or change vape pens, manufacture nicotine or cigarette products, or make refills or equipment. You need to pay attention to processing, marking, warning, and packaging regulations. Each state has various legal criteria for e-cigarettes. There are also rules on how to market goods in bulk or at wholesale prices and legislation on delivering the products.

If your vape or e-cigarette goods are not 100% in line with state and federal regulations, you can face significant manufacturing delays and business losses. Knowing the laws of your state is necessary to avoid expensive errors.

For New York, you need child-resistant packaging to keep these products away from these products, while in Ohio, retailers are unable to adjust the amount delivered. It must be equal to the manufacturer's container, i.e., a pack of five must be sold as five, even though the initial packing has been withdrawn.


The packaging of tobacco products is not an easy task. You have to consider several elements while designing a packaging design for your tobacco product. Vapes are the best product from the tobacco industry. Although these products are less evil than ordinary tobacco products but the packaging and marketing laws are very strict about these products.

Moreover, there is a limited audience for these products, and their demands and needs about vape packaging are different from ordinary product packaging.

To create the best packaging design for vape, you need to understand the target audience, targeted market, laws, competition, and marketing perspectives. Missing out on any point will affect the efficiency of the packaging, and the company will not get desired results.

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