Since snus is a smoke free alternative to smoking, many people, particularly in Sweden where it originated, choose to use it instead of smoking. In the last few years, snus has become more popular in other countries, which has prompted more people to learn how to use it. Smokers have been exposed to people in real life and on screen, so almost everyone knows how to smoke in theory. However, snus is rarely used.

Snus is available

There are two main types of snus: loose snus and portion-packaged snus. Depending on the brand and the form, it may be moist or semi-moist. In its most basic form, snus consists of tobacco that has been ground and mixed with water and flavourings. Unlike loose snus, portion packed snus comes in sachets, which let the tobacco juices be absorbed in the mouth, similar to tea bags.

Snus does not require spitting and does not emit smoke. Basically, snus is a tobacco product that gives a nicotine rush and is safer than cigarettes. Smokers and smokers who are unsuccessful in giving up cigarettes need to know this. New users will be able to use snus by following the illustrations and text below.

Snus that is loose

You should know how to use snus if you are a first-time user.

  • Take a snus from the can
  • The full can of snus should be held between your thumb and index finger
  • Make a wedge between the two and place a small amount between them
  • Exit the tin and lift it out
  • One-sided lifting of the upper lip
  • The wedge should be placed inside, under the upper lip and the gums
  • It's that simple. Snus loose is now a thing of the past.

It is common for first-timers to experience some dizziness or a rush after using snus, so be sure to lie down in a safe area before using.

Snus portioning instructions

It is easier to carry around and have portion snus since it is pre-packed. Neither your fingers nor your hands need to get dirty. Mini, slim, and large sizes of portion snus are available. Snus in the mini usually weighs around 0.5 grams. Large or regular size typically weighs about a gram, while the slim weighs between 0.6 and 0.8 grams.

Take a portion of snus in your hand and lift your upper lip to use it. Once you've placed the snus portion under your lip, leave it there for it to gradually release the nicotine.

The use

The most common way to use snus is to place it under the upper lip. Neither loose nor portioned snus falls under this category. Between 30 and 120 minutes is usually enough time for the pris (pellet of loose snus) or pouch to dissolve.

It is not necessary to spit. In comparison with cured tobacco, snus spoils much more quickly because it is not cured. When storing snus for longer periods of time, it is usually frozen rather than refrigerated.

There is no danger of spoilage for up to a week if it is left unrefrigerated. It is possible to ship some snus products very dry, so they don't need to be refrigerated, extending their shelf life. Because the packets contain no moisture, they drip slower at first.

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