APE, or Albino Penis Envy, is a cultivated variety of Psilicybe cubensis, a popular microdosed "magic" mushroom. Many mushroom species have fruiting bodies that look penile, as the name implies. Their envy is not particularly strong. Penis Envy APE is a pale-capped sub-variety of Penis Envy, reputed to be one of the most powerful types of P. cubensis. Despite its rarity, ape is popular among those who can obtain it due to its difficulty in growing.

APE Mushroom Effects

  • APE is considered to be the strongest of the Penis Envy variants of P. cubensis. Many people have described its effects as being very visual, with euphoria and deep thoughts. The potency of Ape edenshrooms.com in general is highly variable and the effect of eating the mushrooms depends on both set and setting (the user's mindset and surroundings at the time).
  • In addition to raw and cooked consumption, APE can also be consumed as a tea. According to reports, it tastes a little bitter—not bad at all, but it wouldn't be popular if it wasn't hallucinogenic. People can feel the effects of this drug in between twenty and forty minutes after they ingest it, sometimes even longer—a delay that can make proper dosing challenging. There is no set duration for the "trip," but it can last up to six hours. In some cases, the effects of mushrooms may suddenly reassert themselves after the mushrooms have left the body, which is either an advantage or a disadvantage.
  • The full range of mental effects is long, but not everyone experiences them all-indeed, many people enjoy the experience, which is to be expected for a fussy mushroom variety that many people try to grow. Symptoms include distorted perception of reality, hallucinations (both visual and auditory), euphoria, spiritual experiences, nervousness, paranoia, and panic.
  • Medical and philosophical reasons suggest that there may not even be a distinction between mental and physical experiences, but the terminology remains a useful shorthand because everybody knows what it means.
  • In medical and philosophical circles, the distinction between "mental" and "physical" experiences is hazy at best, but the terminology is still useful because everybody understands.
  • It is anticipated that 5 million cans will be produced in 2022 based on current harvests.

The cultivation of APE mushrooms

The majority of P.cubensis strains are easy to grow, but the APE strain is an exception. It rarely produces fertile spores, so other methods of propagation are usually required. Often, it does poorly on popular substrates, such as cakes, because it is particular about its food. APE is considered a novelty variety, probably not something people who grow to sell will bother with, and probably not something a beginner should try. It takes a long time to grow, and flushes tend to be small. Instead, APE is a great variety for experienced mushroom growers who are looking for a challenge and a few very potent mushrooms in the end.

APE is a sturdy fungus that can withstand conditions (such as excessive heat, such as when a heater malfunctions) that would kill almost any other crop. In addition to malformed fruiting bodies caused by poor growing conditions or residues from cleaning products, there is still a crop. It's important to pay attention to temperature and humidity and other details because APE will do better if well-cared for. Learn what the applicable law is in your area before growing or using APE, or any other hallucinogenic mushroom. Getting arrested accidentally because of ignorance is the worst outcome for people who choose to break the law for a variety of reasons.

Amount of Dosage

Our general magic mushroom dosage guide will help you find the dose that works for you if you want to try APE Shrooms. We also have a magic mushroom dosage calculator where you can select from six dosage levels, such as microdoses and heroic doses.

There are several popular methods of consuming APE Shrooms, including Lemon Tek and Shroom Tea.

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