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Frequently Asked Questions

Resolve all your confusion in no time. Please get rid of the mess developed in your minds with our customer care services. Representatives will be glad to listen to you and provide you the perfect solutions. Review the following commonly asked queries for your ease.

It depends on your business, the products you are dealing with, and your eventual goals.
If you’re anxious about your packaging budget, then begin with one piece of custom packaging. It will allow you to experience, monitor your account, and see how your customers attract.

If your brand requires packaging for more than one product, try to book them simultaneously, even if the requirements for each are different. We can review if it’s possible to minimize costs by printing the packaging on the same sheet or reduce the printing press “make-ready” times by continuing one job after another.

Talk to our customer care representatives about any special finishes your graphic designer wants – we may know the criteria to get the same effect more cost-effectively.

Many businesses have a terrible time articulating this so ask them upfront. They may come back at you with an adequately honed message, or it may be a loose collection of uncertain attributes. This competitive advantage (what makes them unique) is called their differentiator, and it must be gracious and distilled into a fascinating brand story. You can’t do your work without understanding this differentiator.

When you’re connecting with a packaging supplier, you want to ensure they can meet all of your desires — especially if you have a massive range of products. Confirm to get a comprehensive list of the company’s proficiency, the advantages they offer, the physical effects they can manufacture, and the solutions they serve. That includes everything from the real package shape to the materials they use, the maximum/minimum size of packaging they provide, and the variety of colors they use in their printing.