US CBD Boxes, a Stampa Enterprise Company, is a name of trust, and protects the privacy of its customers by using the best and secure methods. We never share our clients’ personal information with any third party, and the same will never be conducted without your consent.

We keep updating our security level to deliver on the customer’s satisfaction. We keep your information – standard and inclusive – safe and shall not reveal it to anyone. Our Privacy Policy section explains the procedures related to collection of data, user information, modification of data, etc.

Personal Data

The details taken from our users on the website will be used for the sole purpose of order procession, addressing queries, concerns, product promos and marketing. However, US CBD Boxes holds the the right to disclose your data if instructed by the law, or pertaining conditions, like court proceedings and other legal purposes.


Our company takes all the preemptive measures to protect your data from unauthorized access or use. Moreover, your data will not be used for any personal or other purposes other than to process the order.

US CBD Boxes uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption method to ensure high-level of security. We make sure to secure you data; however, it is vital to know that nothing is 100% safe over the internet. Hence, we cannot ensure full guarantee of the data you send over the internet.

Stay in Touch

We only need the individual's name and email address to keep you in the loop of your orders. Your credit card data will only be used to place an order.

Contact Details

US CBD Boxes can use the contact information solely to communicate with the customer about their queries and concerns.

Online Marketing

US CBD Boxes is accessible through several online platforms, including social media accounts. The pages you browse will be accessible with your IP address. Cookies play an integral part in consolidating social media tabs. Our social media profiles might be controlled by a third party. Upon hosting the Site’s social media features, you will be subjected to the Privacy Policy of that particular third-party company.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are utilized for collecting the IP address to systemize the user experience on the Site. An individual can delete the cookies by going through the browser settings. It must be understood that a user cannot completely access the Site following the deletion of the cookies.

Moreover, data like demographics and psychographics are also stored for proper systemization and to keep you posted with the new trends.

We use HTML-based emails with clear GIFs to be aware of the read receipt by our users. It is singularly used for marketing purposes. There also host-targeted ads by third parties, which can be unsubscribed at all times.

Blogs and Testimonials

We have a dedicated section for blogs and testimonials. It is accessible to everyone, and users can read, use and/or copy the information you publish on the Site. Your approval will be sought to share your name and pertaining information for the consumer’s testimonials. We are not responsible in any manner regarding the personally identifiable data in the testimonial area. You can easily delete or modify the testimonial abiding by the procedural practice.

Log Files

US CBD Boxes uses established and standard web servers to utilize log files. As mentioned before, your data is stored with the help of IP address, browser type, exit pages, clicks, and others. It is all used to gauge users' trends.

Right to Data

We do not reveal your private data to any external party without your approval. Many policies are devised to cater to the same matters. To name a few, shipping facilities, email service providers, and credit card services in the billing procedure are included. These services are not allowed to store, share, or be subjected to maltreatment for any other reason.

However, kindly note that your information is a part of our assets, and the same will be shared if US CBD Boxes elects to share, merge, or sell the shares or the entire company.

How to Unsubscribe?

Every user has the ultimate liberty in selecting whether they want to stay subscribed or unsubscribe. You can also decide not to share the information for any other purpose impertinent to the Site.

You can send us an email sharing your wish to stop receiving any more newsletter and marketing emails in the future.

External Links

US CBD Boxes might be establishing some external links. We are not responsible for the Privacy Policy of any other website other than ours. It is suggestible to explore the privacy settings of other websites for informed searching. Any violation of privacy coming from the external party does not come under US CBD Boxes’ policy coverage.

Subject to Change

US CBD Boxes updates the Privacy Policy section from time to time for smooth working. Users should frequently check the webpage for updated information. It is understood in this section that the user’s data will be used under our set policies.

Your data will be deleted upon the deactivation of your personal account from the Site. We are utilizing the same for the time you are active and using our services. However, it is imperative to be informed that US CBD Boxes can retain your data if deemed necessary for legal affairs or to fulfill the agreements.