Privacy Policy

US CBD Boxes responsibly prevent the private data of its clients whether they are in touch or away. We do not need to the public, share, or provide our clients' information to strangers for selling or any other reasons.

This privacy policy undergoes all the necessary and inclusive details about how our professionals manage their performance and enrich you to gather and use data that you hand over to us.

The policy would also cover guidelines on how you can reach out and alter the details provided to our customer care representatives.

Handling Associated to Information

Our company is responsible for managing all your information on the website; no other person is bewildered to disclose our client details.

The information grasp from our website users at different phases are entirely for processing orders, answering problems, and sending product advertising and other marketing pledges; moreover, we use the contact information to nourish your website experience with us.

However, we hold back the rights to reveal your personal information if enforced by law, such as if imperative for a court functioning, judicial reasons, or any other reliable issue.

We can also coordinate with alternative authority to obtain extra customer data to merge it with the present to boost our marketing endeavors. We send a one-time email to the expectancy that, too, after asking for our valued clients' email address for authoritative guidance.

Getting Registered on the Website

If you want to make yourself registered here at US CBD Boxes, you must fill the website's registration form thoroughly with the complete information and email address. Our representatives are concerned and responsible; they will get back to you even if the order has not been placed or processed. Credit card details are asked if you have confirmed your interest in placing the order.

Our Marketing Twist

We believe not to disturb our valued clients by sending them little details about company products regularly. Our strategy is to send the US CBD Boxes newsletter, promotional, and other informative information to start via emails.

Client Communication

Once you have finalized the order, we will keep you in touch in every step before starting it. Your orders are not processed unless our crew communicated it to you thoroughly. US CBD Boxes believes in serving error-free packaging to our valued clients.

Associated to Other Websites

US CBD Boxes may be associated with other websites; however, we do not take amenability for other web pages' private affairs. Therefore, we encourage you to review these websites' privacy policies when you are passing through them. This Privacy Policy is absolutely for the use and acquisition of information for us.

Restoration on Rotations

Any rotations developed to our Privacy Policy would be revised on the homepage and other website locality that we realize essential. Our beloved clients know what type of details we gather, how these are being utilized, and under what happenings we keep back the right to expose the information. This information is used according to the Privacy Policy under which we collect data. If the user data would be used in any other condition other than the mentioned, we will have well-defined attention posted on our website before it came into effect. If you have removed your data or unsubscribed your account, you will not get any email regarding this; neither your information will be used in any way.

Authority to Create Changes, Delete and Update Information

US CBD Boxes offers you the authority to amend your details; if you don't want to use our services, you can refine, update your information, or ask us to remove/deactivate your account. You can send us an email at the address mentioned in Contact Us. We will get back to you within a meaningful timeline. User information is stored only if the account is running or we are offering you facilities. If imperative, we will manage your information for legal responsibilities, get the solution for your issues, and comply with the agreement.