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Best CBD Cream
  • Rebecca R. Lopez

Do you know that more than 33% of people have used CBD in the United States? As a result, the CBD market is booming, and it is not hard to see why. Everyone is looking for the best CBD cream in the market to make the entire process easy and soothing.

With an increasing number of people turning toward natural remedies, they look for relief from their ailments or discomfort without having any side effects associated with prescription drugs. That is why CBD creams are one of the most desired products worldwide.

CBD creams are great for soothing and relieving pain without the need for any harsh chemicals. However, these topical lotions can be applied to your skin, producing soothing effects that reach deep into muscle tissue, producing a calming effect.

Let's look at some of the top cream products infused with CBD: 

7 Best CBD Cream Review & Ratings

  1. CBDistillery: CBD Topicals – Editor's Pick
  2. FAB CBD: Topical CBD Cream – Full-Spectrum Formula
  3. Royal CBD Topicals – No THC  
  4. Balance CBD Topicals – Best for Recovery
  5. Cheef Botanicals: CBD Topicals – Well-Known for Arthritis  
  6. Joy Organics: Premium CBD Oil Topicals – Affordable
  7. Medterra: CBD Creams & Topicals – Sustainable  

1: CBDistillery: CBD Topicals – Editor's Pick 

CBDistillery: CBD Topicals

This works as expected, it has helped my hands to feel better following surgery.

Long hours on concrete floors make my feet hurt so much it was difficult to go to sleep. Then I found CBDistillery and their cbd salves and in mere minutes the aches are gone. What a fine product.

All reviews are extracted from product page.

CBDistillery is the best brand for finding CBD pain cream. A lot of people have trouble finding a product they can use on their skin, but this brand covers you with all different types and flavors. 

It is an innovative company that strives to provide customers with the best products at affordable prices. Furthermore, it entered this industry in 2016, quickly becoming one of America's most popular brands due to its low price point and extensive catalog, including oils, gummies, and more.

Moreover, the company offers an extensive range of topical CBD products. You will find creams as well as salves here: 

🔹 Salve

🔹 Warming muscle melt

🔹 Body lotion

🔹 Cooling cream

🔹 Warming cream

🔹 Night cream
🔹 Roll-on sticks

🔹 Satin body creme

🔹 Face cream

CBDistillery offers a variety of products with different doses and types, helping you find what works best for your needs. So, they have full-spectrum CBD, while other topical options also use isolate. In addition, their strength ranges from 150 mg to 1000 mg for quick relief. 

Furthermore, this brand sources its hemp extract from non-GMO hemp seeds and uses third-party testing to verify CBD content. So, you can also scan a QR code for lab test results on every product, so customers know they are getting what is written on their label without any surprises. 

This company's commitment to quality is evident in its certification by the U.S Hemp Authority, which upholds strict regulations throughout the production process. It ensures only high-quality products for consumers worldwide.

Highlights of the Day: 

⭐CBD creams are derived from non-GMO industrial hemp. 

⭐The potency ranges from 150 mg to 1000 mg. 

⭐These topicals are for relief, relaxation, sleep, and recovery.

⭐The products are available in creams, salves, and lotion form. 

⭐The hemp used is farmed in Colorado. 

Positive Points

Negative Points

3rd party lab tested Ethanol sourcing process 

Easy application method

Too many CBD cream offerings 
60-day money-back guarantee

Natural farming practices

US Hemp Authority certified

If you are looking for something natural and soothing, CBDistillery's CBD cream line is what you require. It is great against eczema, pain, and other conditions. You will enjoy CBD benefits with this lab-tested product without any adverse reaction. 

2: FAB CBD: Topical CBD Cream – Full-Spectrum Formula

FAB CBD: Topical CBD CreamBagged Positive Reviews and 5 Stars Mostly

I have tried several Topical CBD creams and this is one of the best and at a great price.

I love this cream! It's lightweight, non greasy and effective!!

I gave to my dad who has really bad knees, he typically will take a handful of ibuprofen, he took none and used the cream helped a ton ♡ worth it for sure.

All reviews are extracted from product page.

In addition, FAB has been one of the first companies to sell premium CBD products. With their founders from a background working on health and pharmaceuticals, they could quickly put that knowledge into work with reliable creams pain relief.

This Colorado-based company offers a wide range of CBD pain relief creams, so you can be sure that their products meet federal standards for THC content and potency. In addition, you will find CBD cream and body salves here for various skin and other conditions. 

Furthermore, the topical CBD cream contains 600 mg of full-spectrum extract. It has natural ingredients such as coconut oil, cocoa butter, and essential oil. It supports healthy recovery from exercise, increases the sense of calm, focus, and relief from stressors.

Moreover, their salves are available in 1000 mg and 3000 mg strengths, perfect for customers who experience discomfort every day. The heating, cooling effects of menthol crystals combined with Cinnamomum camphora oil makes this formula ideal to help soothe your aches.

Furthermore, this company is committed to manufacturing reliable CBD topicals. They also provide accurate lab testing on the ingredients used in these pain relief creams and ensure consumer satisfaction. As a result, it is one of the best CBD cream reviews on our list. 

Highlights of the Day: 

The CO2 method is used to extract the CBD.

The cream comes in 600 mg & the salve comes in 1000 mg and 2000 mg strengths. 

It is available in full-spectrum hemp extract. 

All of their products undergo third-party lab tests. 

These topicals are made using Colorado-grown hemp. 

Positive Points

Negative Points


This company do not offer international shipping 

Free from pesticides


Aromatic moisturizing topical applications

Contains antioxidants 

FAB CBD gives a fabulous feeling with the greatly-formulated cream to help you say goodbye to pain. Their salves are equally good for producing calming results. 

3: Royal CBD Topicals – No THC 

Royal CBD Topicals

I have back pain and knee pain the CBD cream provides instant relief. It is the only thing that has worked, and I have tried both pain killers and natural remedies. It works instantly. I have become a lifelong customer!

Might not Effective for All

Short term relief. A little greasy but better than most products

All reviews are extracted from product page.

This brand brings two of the best CBD ointments that help soothe your pain and muscle soreness: 

  • A cool relief balm for when you feel hot from exercise or exposure to the sun.
  • An icy menthol gel can relieve joint aches.

Their CBD balm is a great way to get your daily dose of cannabinoids and terpenes. With 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, this cream contains organic beeswax, coconut oil, menthol crystals, and essential oils. 

Moreover, the roll-on offers a soothing sensation to reduce sore muscles pain. The relieving gel will soothe your aching muscles and provide fast-acting relief. The main ingredients, menthol with aloe vera, for added moisturizing properties and 350 mg of CBD, make this ideal p

Royal CBD is committed to providing the best quality products at competitive prices. In addition, they use third-party lab testing and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can feel confident about your purchase with them. Try it to relieve yourself from occasional pains. 

Highlights of the Day: 

All of these products are made in the USA.

Royal CBD uses natural ingredients in its products.

CBD cream comes with 500 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract.

Third-party lab tests verify these products.

Both products are free from THC.

Positive Points

Negative Points

Free from gluten

Some complained about greasiness in the first hour of use 

Satisfaction guarantee

Supportive terpenes & cannabinoids

Organic ingredients 

30-day money-back guarantee

Royal CBD is the perfect solution for those who want to relieve their joints without sacrificing quality. It has been proven time and again as an all-natural pain killer, making it ideal for arthritic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.

4: Balance CBD Topicals – Best for Recovery 

Balance CBD TopicalsEffective for Muscle Stiffness

Started working from home over the pandemic and noticed horrible tension in my neck. After applying this cream for a few weeks now, I feel much less stiffness in my neck.

Instant Pain Relief

Nurse recommended Arnica for aches and pain. Work out all the time so something gets pulled or twisted. I love that this cream contains CBD AND Arnica! The pain is gone in minutes.

All reviews are extracted from product page.

With a refreshing scent of lavender and rosemary, they offer one of the best CBD lotions and creams in the market. In addition, it has a fast-acting formula to bring relief in no time. Not only that, but menthol also helps with the cooling of painful sensations. 

Furthermore, the world's most luxurious and famous award-winning CBD cream has been a favorite of celebrities for years. Their stellar reputation and pleasing topical options make it a popular choice for customers who need help with all sorts of aches.

It is the go-to option for anyone looking to find relief from chronic pain. Working with a third-party lab, their products are held to high standards and provide verified CBD products. If you do not like what your order contains, this company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

While the brand's 300 mg muscle cream is a top seller for pain relief, CBD users can choose several options to fulfill their needs. Customers have access to not only bath salts and massage oils in addition to body lotions at an affordable price point.

Highlights of the Day: 

The USA-farmed hemp is used in the production of these topicals.

A Ph.D. holder conducts third-party lab testing. 

15 ml CBD in lube, 300 mg in cream, and 100 mg in suppository packs.

The company uses nanotechnology for increased absorption.

All-natural ingredients are used to make these creams and lotions. 

Positive Points

Negative Points


Free shipping only on orders more than $65 

Kosher certified

GMP quality

Free from gluten

Less than 0.3% THC

The soreness of your muscles will be relieved with a Balance CBD topical cream. The nano-sized cannabinoids in these creams increase absorption and provide quick relief from aches, pains, or other discomforts.

5: Cheef Botanicals: CBD Topicals – Well-Known for Arthritis

 Cheef Botanicals: CBD Topicals 

I have struggled with knee injuries for years since I tore both ACLs. From Soccer, Climbing, Paintball, Snowboarding, and Tai Kwon Do, my knees are always inflamed and overworked. I went with the regular strength and it works so good with recovery time, soreness and pain.

I do a ton of typing/designing and my hands and shoulders start to hurt after a full 6 hour day. I’ve only been using it for 3 days but can already tell the difference. It smells great and doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy film like some of the other lotions that I’ve tried.

All reviews are extracted from product page.

Their CBD topicals are some of the highest-quality products on the market, combining their extensive business and hemp knowledge for a broad series of products ranging from tinctures to pet treats.

In addition, this brand offers an extensive variety, with options ranging from anti-aging creams to lotions, which are as follows: 

🔹 Bath bombs

🔹 Lip balm

🔹 Hand sanitizer

🔹 Relief salve

🔹 Body lotion

Cheef Botanicals is a top-seller for a reason. It contains full-spectrum cannabidiol, which helps optimize its healing properties and produce intense pain-relieving effects. You can choose between 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 2000 mg of concentration for your specific needs.

In addition, the relief salve contains different natural ingredients like: 

  • Coconut oil 
  • Fennel essential oil 
  • Peppermint extract
  • Vitamin E

Moreover, these ingredients give the soothing balm an earthy scent that will calm your nerves in a few minutes, with its effects lasting up to three hours.

These topical applications are a great way to manage pain and heal dry skin. The soothing, anti-inflammatory effects are especially helpful for those with chronic conditions or injuries in their neck region. In addition, it may even promote blood flow so that healing can happen faster.

This brand is the go-to for people looking to get some relief from their chronic pain. We love this product because it provides longer-lasting results than other similar products on today's market.

Highlights of the Day: 

Their products are made using Colorado-farmed hemp.

Every product undergoes independent lab testing to ensure purity. 

Cheef Botanicals uses 100% organic and natural ingredients.

Full-spectrum hemp extract is used in these topicals.

The amount of THC in these products is within regulations. 

Positive Points

Negative Points

No preservatives 

No other hemp extract options are available 

30-day money-back guarantee 


No preservatives

Free shipping

Cheef Botanicals brings some of the best CBD creams for aches and skin conditions. Their purity and natural ingredients show the quality they bring to you on the shelf rack. 

6: Joy Organics: Premium CBD Oil Topicals – Affordable

Joy Organics: Premium CBD Oil Topicals Odor-Free and Non-Greasy

The pump bottle is so handy and it fits easily in my desk drawer. There's no scent and my skin quickly absorbs the cream, leaving my hands smoother but not at all greasy.

I have a chronic issue that contributes greatly to winter inflamed, dry skin. This product has been wonderful for my hands. I love that it’s fragrance free and contains no wheat or soy!

All reviews are extracted from product page.

With the rise of CBD products, more and more people are turning to hemp-based topical lotions for relief. We love Joy Organics because they offer full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD that does not include any THC and provide pain-soothing effects.

In the name of chronic pain and insomnia, Joy Organics was founded. This brand utilizes pure organically-grown hemp and other natural ingredients to manufacture items you can trust.

Joy Organics offers a variety of CBD products, including topical lotions:

🔹 Organic salve

🔹 Sports cream

🔹 Body cream

🔹 Bath bombs

🔹 Salve sticks

This company produces an original, high-quality CBD cream. The 250 mg CBD with 0% THC contains natural ingredients such as olive oil and aloe leaf juice in addition to safflower oleosomes for moisturizing your skin. In addition, this unscented lotion includes helpful hydration agents for healthy skin.

In addition, the brand has a product specifically for athletes and customers who need fast-working natural pain relief. The organic salve helps with sore muscles and joints to support healthy movement and includes phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil with essential oils.

Furthermore, it is one of the few CBD brands that contain various organic components from cannabis. Therefore, you will not find any traces of THC, and it will produce an entourage effect by working synergistically. 

In addition, every product from Joy Organics is third-party lab tested to verify the quality and concentration of cannabidiol. As an active member of the US Hemp Roundtable, this leader is committed to making CBD products free from this psychoactive ingredient. 

Their commitment to purity and safety has made them one of the most trustworthy companies out there, which makes their prices very reasonable.

Highlights of the Day: 

Joy Organics is a member of the US Hemp Roundtable.

These products do not contain THC in it. 

All of the CBD topicals are 3rd party lab tested.

This brand uses CO2 extraction to source hemp.

Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint, Wintergreen, & Sweet Marjoram.

Positive Points

Negative Points

Free carbon neutral shipping 

Only one strength is available 

90-day satisfaction guarantee 


0.0% THC


The Joy Organics CBD cream is a safe and natural way to deal with chronic pain. It has no THC, so it will not get you high or make anything harder for your body.

7: Medterra: CBD Creams & Topicals – Sustainable 

Medterra: CBD Creams & TopicalsMedterra advertises the cream as the "Award Winning Product" We have got mixed reviews on the product:

I've got knee surgery a few months ago and have been using this product every day to help with my aches and pains. My recovery was supposed to be around 4 months, but after using this product I cut it down to 2!! It's the best product on the market!

I only got very mild pain relief from this. Other CBD creams (No THC) with higher menthol seem to work better, and cost less. Not sure if we'll order again.

All reviews are extracted from product page.

Medterra's topicals are designed to relieve aching muscles, pain and inflammation by delivering CBD through your skin. In addition, it redefines purity with its CBD isolate extract.

The company's goal is to provide customers with high-quality CBD products free from plasticizers, chemical preservatives, or synthetic chemicals. Furthermore, the concentrations they offer include a lightweight cream for standard skin types and an intense night treatment.

In a world where many people live with chronic pain, it can be challenging to find relief. The 1000 mg CBD Pain Relief Cream provides fast-acting and long-lasting protection for those suffering from arthritis problems by combining menthol and arnica with jojoba oil plus aloe vera plant extract.

In addition, 750 mg of CBD Relief + Recovery Cream is the perfect treatment after a long day of gardening or sports. This soothing formula will keep your joints cool as you recover from physical activity.

The CBD + Manuka Healing Cream is all-natural, potent honey that soothes and nourishes your skin. With two strengths available, 125 mg or 250 mg of pure CBD, organic ingredients like vitamin E & shea butter help hydrate and stimulate collagen production.

Highlights of the Day: 

These products are available in isolate and broad-spectrum. 

Medterra verifies all of the creams with third-party lab tests.

You get arnica & menthol for pain relief in these topicals.

These topical products range from 250 mg to 1000 mg of CBD.

It is an award-winning collection of 2021. 

Positive Points

Negative Points


No customer service option on Sunday 

Active ingredients

99.6% CBD purity

0.0% THC


Medterra is here to help you relieve your arthritis pain with its CBD cream. They offer high-quality products that are pure and safe, all while being affordable.

Things We Considered for Rating CBD Creams:

The internet is a vast, mystical place where anything can happen. As a result, there are dozens of CBD manufacturers out there, and it is hard to tell which ones you should trust. We did this by examining each company for quality standards before we made our list of top 7 companies:

Hemp Source: 

You can buy CBD products from many companies, but know where your hemp comes from. For example, if a company specifies that they only source their product domestically, you will have an easier time knowing what standards are in place for the manufacturing process.

The United States is the world's leader in hemp production and has strict guidelines to ensure quality. If you are looking for a safe, natural alternative with high levels of CBD that will break your bank account, look no further than US-sourced varieties.

Extract Types: 

Full-Spectrum:It contains all cannabinoids found in hemp, including small amounts of THC. When applied through skin products and ingested orally or smoked, it multiplies its benefits exponentially, such as the entourage effect. 

Broad-Spectrum:This extract contains many other cannabinoids. Unlike full-spectrum, this one has been specially filtered out to remove any traces of THC, meaning you get all the health benefits without feeling high. 

Isolate: CBD isolates are a more potent CBD than the regular variety. They do not contain any extra THC or other cannabinoids, which means you get fewer health benefits. It is obtained using the ideal extraction process. 

3rd Party Lab Testing: 

The best CBD companies are transparent about their product quality and transparency. They use third-party lab testing, which is objective to verify the purity of all products. Moreover, this allows customers to know that buying holds up against manufacturers' claims.


The potency of topical CBD creams can vary depending on the concentration. Some contain as little as 100 mg, while others contain 1000 mg or more cannabidiol per container size, meaning they will relieve even extreme pain. 

The first time you use CBD, it may be best to start with a lower potency and gradually work your way up accordingly. 


In the world of CBD, you will find hemp cream in several price ranges. In contrast, we do not recommend purchasing an overpriced topical product to start with regardless of what brand it is from. However, our reviews seem reasonable for high-quality creams and salves across most websites.


The type of fragrance that CBD products release will depend on what else they include. For instance, if you add menthol to your cooling cream, then it might have an overpowering scent because this ingredient cancels out other scents like lavender or eucalyptus.

So, the best way to avoid unpleasant smells from your topical cream is by purchasing one without those ingredients.


A review is an excellent way to determine if the product you are looking for has good reviews and will work well. However, there is always room to try something new, so even negative reviews can give us insight into how certain products may interact with our body systems.

However, there are many options for CBD lotions, but if you want one with only positive reviews, be sure to look elsewhere if you are finding a product with negative ratings.

3 Pros for Using CBD Topicals:

CBD creams can be a great way to alleviate the pain and inflammation of arthritis, and you should know a few things before using them:

✔️ Topical CBD products do not go straight to your bloodstream. Instead, the cream will work by getting absorbed into the skin. Once applied, it may react to alleviate pain from joints or muscles, providing comfort to the target area. 

✔️ CBD creams offer a variety of benefits for people who are not experiencing physical pain. If you want to relieve stress, these products may also help when applied strategically at specific pressure points on your body.

✔️ One way to get the most out of your CBD experience is by using a topical product like salve or cream. This will minimize any risk from side effects, which can be common when eating something with cannabidiol oil in it.

Wrapping Up: 

The benefits of CBD creams are undeniable. These products have it all covered, from tackling difficult pain to relieving health issues such as multiple sclerosis, back pain, anxiety, and more. There are many different CBD creams, and they all have unique flavors. 

If you want to enjoy the benefits of this supplement without any side effects or addictive qualities, opt for CBDistillery. It is the best CBD cream for pain relief and ranked number one among our top 7 brands.

Lastly, a reputable brand is the most important thing to remember when purchasing CBD cream. Make sure you are purchasing from an established and trustworthy company. Thanks for reading our reviews. We hope you benefited from it as per your need.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Let's take a look at some of the most common asked questions about CBD creams:

Q: Is it safe to use CBD creams? 

Yes, CBD products are often safe to use as long as they comply with rules and regulations. However, you might experience loss of appetite, drowsiness, upset stomach, or more with some products. 

Q: What is the difference between CBD cooling and warming creams? 

It is vital to learn that cooling CBD creams are great for acute injuries, inflammation, and swelling. In contrast, heating ones are good for stiffness and muscle therapy. 

Q: How to use CBD cream for pain management? 

The instructions that come with CBD salves vary depending on the product. Some brands advise gently massaging it into your skin, while others recommend spreading a light layer evenly across the problem area you want to treat.

Q: What are the most common types of CBD topical in the market? 

You will find yourself with CBD lotions, creams, and salves. These are the most common ones that provide quick relief and are available at almost every dispensary. 

Q: Does FDA authorize CBD creams? 

No, the FDA does not approve the use of CBD, so it is essential to consult a doctor before applying this product to your skin.

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