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Best CBD Oil Without THC
  • Rebecca R. Lopez

CBD oil is used as a supplement to upgrade your health and immune system. It can help prevent diseases and even play an indirect role in treating different chronic diseases like cancer.

According to 2019 statistics, 14 % of Americans use CBD oils. However, 35% are completely unaware of the medical benefits of cannabis oil.

If you are new to the CBD world, selecting your required product is a tough task. In short, in this article, we will try our best to facilitate you in selecting the best THC-free CBD oil.

There are two major types of hemp oils. One has a trace amount of THC, which is called full-spectrum oil. The other one is THC free which is either isolate or broad-spectrum oil.

Let us take a look at different top producers that are producing the best CBD oil without THC.

Top 9 Best CBD Oil Without THC

1. Evn CBD: CBD oil –Pure Hemp Oil

2. Verma Farms CBD: CBD Oil – High Quality

3. Joy Organic CBD: CBD Oil -Increased bioavailability

4. Sunday Scaries CBD: CBD Oil -THC Free

5. Medterra CBD: CBD Oil - User Friendly

6. Kanibi CBD:CBD Oil - Best CBD Isolate

7. Liftmode CBD: CBD Oil - Mint Taste

8. Lord Jones: CBD Oil - Broad Spectrum Formula

9. Charlotte’s Web: CBD Oil - Terpenes Addition

1.Evn CBD: CBD Oils – Pure Hemp Oil

Evn CBD: CBD OilsEvn cannabis manufacturer provides pure and organic hemp oil to customers. The plant source of this cannabidiol oil has an organic origin. The producer uses the carbon dioxide extraction method in the production of these cannabis oils.

This technique is incorporated to retain the useful nutrients of hemp. Moreover, it eradicates all harmful impurities. It is a fundamental step to ensure the product’s safe use. In addition, this cannabis oil inculcates no THC. Hence, it counts among the broad-spectrum category.

The producer publishes lab-verified reports online on its website. Its chemical composition has zero gluten, which is quite appealing character. In addition, it Is a non-genetically modified product.

In a nutshell, these all features make it the best CBD oil without THC. One can use it in daily life to get rid of stress, anxiety and maintain mental health.

This cannabis oil packaging comes in two different measurements, including 500 and 1000 mg. In addition, it is available in two tastes, i.e., natural and mint.


🔹 Broad-spectrum hemp oil

🔹 Available in two measurements, i.e., 500 and 1000 mg

🔹 Lab-tested

🔹 Mint and natural tastes

🔹CO2 extraction process



Zero THCLack of tastes
No Gluten
Organically grown plant
Non genetically modified
Even cannabis oil is a well-known manufacturer of pure cannabis products. Grab your hemp oil from this manufacturer and say farewell to your laziness.

2.Verma Farms CBD: CBD Oil – High Quality

Verma Farms CBD: CBD Oil – High QualityVerma Farms producer provides high-quality cannabis oil that falls under the broad-spectrum category. In addition, this oil is famous for its yummy taste that fastens your metabolism to cope with hectic daily routine.

It is available in various flavors, i.e., mango, strawberry, peach, lemon-lime, mint, watermelon, natural and pineapple. Moreover, the producer uses high-quality cannabis that grows at farms in the USA.

Verma Farms produces cannabidiol oil free of any preservative. Moreover, this hemp is processed via carbon dioxide extraction process to get pure oil.

The third-party verified reports of this hemp oil are also published on the Verma Farms website. In addition, it usually comes in two packaging, i.e., 500 and 1000 mg, that contain 16.67 and 33.3 mg doses per serving respectively.


🔹 Broad-spectrum category

🔹 Packed in two bottles, i.e., 500 and 1000 mg

🔹 USA grown cannabis

🔹 Mint and natural tastesCO2 extraction technique



Variable flavorsAbsence of isolate hemp formula
No preservatives
THC Free

Verma Farms produces one of the best CBD oil without THC to users in different flavors.

3. Joy Organic CBD: CBD Oil - Increased Bioavailability

Joy Organic CBD: CBD OilJoy Organic brand offers hemp oil that inculcates phytochemical ingredients. Nearly all cannabis oils have a minimum quantity of THC in them. While on the other hand, Joy Organic manufacturer provides oil that contains no THC.

It counts in a broad-spectrum oil category. In addition, these hemp products pass a thorough testing procedure. In addition, the brand publishes Certificates of Quality Assurance and Analysis.

These certificates prove the purity and quality of cannabis oils. Moreover, the cbd brand uses naturally cultivated hemp in the USA. Therefore, the quality of hemp oil remains high. These oils are packed in variable potencies, including 250, 500, 1000, and 1500mg in a 30 ml bottle.

It is available in four different flavors, i.e., tranquil, orange, natural and mint. In addition, the nanotechnology emulsion method is applied to increase the bio-absorption of hemp in the bloodstream.

This process converts the indigestible molecules into digestible fragments by making them small in diameter. The manufacturer provides a free shipping offer with a minimum purchase all over America.

This brand has a customer-friendly website that remains active for 24/7 hours. Moreover, the company provides the best customer service.


🔹 Phytochemicals addition

🔹 Broad Spectrum hemp

🔹 Lab verified

🔹 Comes in diverse flavors

🔹 Increases bio-absorption



Organic No taste options
Comes in four strengths
24/7-hour customer service
Free shipping
Joy Organics applies the nanotechnology method to raise cannabis bio-absorption. Hence, it is made more effective in preventing many different diseases. In short, it produces one of the best rated CBD oil without THC.

4. Sunday Scaries CBD: CBD Oil - THC Free

Sunday Scaries CBDAs the name predicts, Sunday Scaries cannabis oil can help you move away from a hectic routine's stress. The clients of this particular oil are completely satisfied and give positive feedback on its website. It comes in a broad-spectrum formula with zero THC, but on the other hand, most oils have a trace quantity of THC.

It is a good choice for those individuals who want to avoid THC. Altogether, it is manufactured in a way that can provide yummy flavor. In addition, it contains all essential vitamins, i.e., D3 and B12. They can maintain your mental health and boosts your immune system.

Its use gives results in no time. It is advisable to start its use with 1/3 of a graduated dropper. Moreover, you can feel its effects within 20 to 30 minutes duration after its intake. Its hemp extract is sourced from Colorado.

Moreover, it inculcates coconut oil and organic stevia. These two things make it more desirable. It is packed in a 30 ml volume. In addition, the serving measurement of this cannabis oil is about 10 ml.


🔹 Adds coconut oil

🔹 Presence of organic stevia

🔹 Includes vitamins like D3 and B12

🔹 Organic



Broad-spectrum category Warning for allergens
Colorado cultivated hemp
30 ml packaging
10 ml serving measurement
Sunday Scaries offers CBD oil without THC best to lessen your anxiety and hectic daily routine.

5. Medterra CBD: CBD Oil- User Friendly

Medterra CBD: CBD OilMedterra company provides hemp oil that falls under the category of isolate cannabis. Its chemical composition shows that it contains 99 % cannabidiol. In addition, it includes MCT oil which is derived from the coconut fruit. It is beneficial as it can increase the bioavailability of cannabis.

This cannabidiol extract comes in three variable concentrations, including 500, 1000, and 3000 mg in 30 ml measurements. In addition, the packaging has properly marked droppers to measure a precisely needed dose.

Medterra provides THC-free cannabidiol oil. In addition, it is the third-party verified to ensure products' safe use and organic nature.

It is non-genetically modified and manufactured in America. It has neither taste nor odor, so it is the perfect cannabidiol oil for natural flavor lovers.


🔹 Shipping all over the USA

🔹 30 days money-back guarantee opportunity

🔹 10 percent off on subscription

🔹 Certified by US Hemp Authority

🔹 Non-GMO



Non genetically modified Warning for allergens
Isolate formula hemp oil
Contains MCT oil
Medterra company produces one of the best CBD oil without THCthat lessens insomnia and regulates the sleep cycle.

6. Kanibi CBD: CBD Oil - Best CBD Isolate

Kanibi CBD: CBD OilOne can find mainly two ingredients in this hemp oil, produced by Kanibi company. These compounds are MCT oil and organic tastes. Hence, it shows that it has no addition of artificial colors, tastes, and preservatives. It is available in three different flavors.

This oil is extracted from organic and USA-grown hemp. Pure Isolate oils of this company are double-tested to make sure that you get all of the cannabis you need.

For different health benefits, the brand adds high-standard MCT oil as the carrier for hemp. Moreover, this manufacturer offers two strengths.

This cannabis oil comes in three different varieties like skittles, cinnamon and unflavored. This product is available in 750 mg strength in 30 ml volume. In addition, the Certificate of Analysis of this brand is published on its website.


🔹 MCT oil presence

🔹 Pure

🔹 USA grown hemp

🔹 No preservatives

🔹 30 ml volume



Preservatives freeAbsence of entourage effect
Available in skittles, cinnamon and unflavored
Kanibi company offers the best THC free CBD isolate oil for insomnia (without THC) which is used to alleviate inflammation and swelling.

7. Liftmode CBD: CBD Oil - Mint Taste

Liftmode CBD: CBD Oil-Liftmode is a hemp brand that mainly produces isolate CBD formula. The strength of this oil is 1500 mg and packed in 30 ml volume. Moreover, it contains a maximum amount of cannabis in it which can cause relief in stress and anxiety.

In addition, the company adds a Certificate of Analysis to its website. According to its online website, this hemp oil can be taken through smoothies, juices, desserts, and curries.

One can also take it by putting it under the tongue for a few minutes. The one serving dose is about 0.5 ml, and a bottle contains 60 servings.

It does not contain any THC amount. The hemp extract of this cannabis oil has 98% hemp extract. This cannabis oil includes coconut extracted MCT oil. Moreover, it comes in tasty natural mint essential oil.


🔹 Isolate Formula

🔹 Maximum hemp extract


🔹 Easy intake



The serving dose is 0.5mlNo Discount
MCT oil presenceLess potent
60 servings in one bottle
Mint Tast
Liftmode offers one of the best THC free CBD oil to users in mint flavor, and it gives promised results.

8. Lord Jones: CBD Oil - Broad Spectrum Formula

Lord Jones: CBD OilLord Jones manufactures the best broad-spectrum oil that has no THC. This hemp oil has many appealing features, including vegan and no gluten. Moreover, it is sugar and alcohol-free. This particular oil can be used in two ways, i.e., topically and sublingually.

The company is transparent in its work, that is why it also publishes Certificate of Analysis online on its website.

The strength of this oil is 500 mg in 15 ml volume packaging. Moreover, it contains primarily two ingredients, including grape seed oil and cannabis.

It is a perfect solution for those customers that need natural hemp oil without any additive tastes or scents. The addition of grape seed oil is an additional character as it is healthy for the skin.


🔹 Broad spectrum category

🔹 THC free

🔹 Vegan


🔹 500 mg potency



No glutenNot entourage effect
Sugar free
Non alcoholic
15 ml packaging
Adds grape seed oil
Lord Jones brand forms the best CBD oil that is broad spectrum without THC in online stores.

9. Charlotte’s Web: CBD Oil -Terpenes Addition

Charlotte’s Web: CBD Oil-Charlotte's Web is the company that offers one of the best THC free CBD oils. But it mainly produces broad-spectrum hemp oil. This cannabis oil inculcates all the essential natural nutrients like terpenes and flavonoids of the plant along with zero THC.

Its chemical composition contains some ingredients like hemp extract and coconut oil. MCT compound is present in coconut oil that increases its efficacy. Moreover, it is available in a tasty mint chocolate taste.

According to Charlotte's Web company, 25 mg is the perfect dose option for daily cannabis use, and this product is specially made for that range.

This cannabidiol oil is available in 30 ml volume with 750 mg strength. Moreover, the brand publishes a Certificate of Analysis on an online marketing page.


🔹 MCT presence

🔹 25 mg volume

🔹 Non-THC

🔹 Terpenes retention

🔹 Flavonoids addition



30 ml packagingNot entourage effect

Broad spectrum oil formula

Available in mint chocolate taste
Charlotte's Web offers broad spectrum oil with retention of terpenes that provide therapeutic effect on consumers by giving them mental peace and stress-free life.

THC Free CBD Oil

As the word shows, zero THC CBD oil is THC free. Mainly, there are two kinds of THC-free cannabis oil, including

  • Isolate
  • Broad-spectrum

🔶 CBD Isolate Formula

Unlike full spectrum CBD, the CBD isolate formula has no THC in it. It contains 99% cannabis. However, it cannot preserve many additional compounds which are necessary for therapeutic benefits.

🔶 Broad-Spectrum CBD

Broad Spectrum CBD is like a full spectrum because it inculcates several additional healthy compounds that give therapeutic results.

Moreover, it has zero THC, which is quite appealing for customers that are sensitive to THC. In short, there is a lack of study on broad-spectrum CBD.

Comparison of Isolate and Broad-Spectrum CBD Oils:

The comparison of both isolate and broad-spectrum CBD oils is given below:

🔶 THC Presence:

Isolate CBD oil inculcates merely cannabis, which means one will get the hemp oil that has no THC. Similarly, the broad-spectrum CBD oil formula is also THC free.

🔶 Addition of Cannabinoids:

CBD isolate mainly contains 99% cannabis with no other cannabis compounds. But on the other hand, broad-spectrum oil includes other cannabis compounds along with cannabis.

🔶 Presence of Terpenes and Flavonoids:

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that have therapeutic benefits for users. In the same way, flavonoids are naturally present in all types of plants that are added can increase the benefits of hemp.

🔶 Natural Aroma:

Customers that love nature prefer CBD isolate over broad-spectrum as it has no aroma. Hence, it is a perfect organic and pure option.

Oil Category CBD Presence THC Presence Flavonoids Addition Terpenes Addition

Oil Type

CBD Presence

THC Presence

Flavonoid Addition

Terpenes Addition



Broad Spectrum


Advantages and Disadvantages of Best CBD Oil Without THC

THC free CBD oil has some advantages and some disadvantages too. Let us discuss them below;

Nearly all kinds of hemp oils can produce beneficial effects upon users. But one same benefit of both broad-spectrum and isolate is that they do not contain any THC. This is highly appreciated by people who need to try CBD while avoiding THC side effects.

Both isolate, and broad-spectrum cannabis oils don't contain THC, which is responsible for making you high. Hence, they cannot make you high.

The entourage effect is a theory that states that hemp oil gives more benefits when it is mixed with other cannabis molecules, including THC. On the other hand, a dark aspect of THC-free hemp oil is that it has fewer benefits necessary to generate an entourage effect.

However, it doesn't mean that THC-free CBD oil has no benefit. Some study suggests that CBD may still have therapeutic effects on its own.

Why Prefer THC-free CBD Oil over THC CBD Oil?

THC-free oils are formulated in a way that they contain no THC in them. This feature makes hemp oil more appealing for users interested in exploring CBD benefits without exposure to THC.

Always keep in mind that zero THC oils also have a trace THC percentage. Those individuals concerned about drug tests must make sure to check a product's Certificate of Analysis.

Selection of the Best CBD Oil Without THC

We can opt best THC-free CBD oil that follows all the below points;

✔️ It is produced by a company that provides proof of third-party testing by the authentic laboratory.

✔️ The manufacturer must disclose the source of its hemp with customers.

✔️ The product must undergo a testing process following COA for pesticides, molds and heavy metals

✔️ The company certifications and manufacturing processes must be published online on its particular website.

✔️ Moreover, the producer must mention the strength of the product.

✔️ The recipe must mention all ingredients present in hemp oil.

The manufacturer must gain buyers' trust and maintain brand reputation by adding transparent customer reviews and FDA approved certificates.

How to Buy THC-Free CBD Oil?

🔹 If one is looking for THC-free CBD oil, then one should focus primarily on either CBD isolate or broad-spectrum hemp oils. One must avoid full-spectrum cannabis product in this case as it has a trace amount of THC in them.

🔹 You must search properly before buying any cannabidiol oil. The act does not regulate CBD products as it permits other supplements. Hence, there are some non labeled products out there in the market too.

🔹 To avoid this ambiguous situation, one must buy the product from a famous brand. Find out those products that include brief, current COAs from a third-party laboratory. You can view all this data on the company's website.

🔹 In some cases, you can acquire them by requesting via email. Most importantly, you can verify hemp and THC content amount as mentioned in the product's label. Moreover, you can double-check whether the product has impure content or not. These contaminants include heavy metals, molds, and pesticides.

🔹 In short, make sure to buy merely hemp oil from those manufacturers that remain transparent regarding the origin and nature of their grown hemp. In addition, they open about the procedure of extraction by covering the whole process of oil formulation.

Drug Test of THC Free CBD Oil

CBD isolate, and broad-spectrum oils are publicized as they contain zero THC. But in reality, there are still some chances of a rare amount of THC in them. Moreover, in some examples, these oils give a positive drug test showing that they inculcate THC in them.

Is THC Free Oil CBD Legal?

Generally, products with less than 0.3% THC are legally allowed on a federal level in the USA. While on the other hand, they are still illegal in some states under law.

Before buying cannabidiol products, it is advisable to check states law. Moreover, always keep in mind that any physician does not prescribe FDA non-verified products. They may not be properly labeled too.


If one is interested in trying the best CBD oil without THC, one should look for either isolate or broad-spectrum formula. There are lots of options that depend upon flavor, potency, and brand.

CBD oil may have the potential to alleviate pain and anxiety, but it may also cause side effects. Talk with your doctor before trying CBD, especially if you're taking any medications.


1. What is the basic difference between CBD and THC?

Both CBD and THC belong to the cannabis class. They are derived from the marijuana plant. The basic function of them is almost the same. The excess amount of THC can make a user high whereas, CBD cannot make you psychoactive.

2. What is the full form of THC?

THC is the short form of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Moreover, this is a cannabinoid compound sourced from the hemp plant.

3. In which diseases is cannabis oil without THC used?

CBD oil with no THC can cure many ailments like depression, anxiety, long-lasting pain, joint pain and swelling. Furthermore, it is the perfect option to get a wide range of health benefits.

4. What do you mean by THC-free product?

THC free infers that it inculcates no detectable quantity of THC. However, it does not ensure that it has no THC in it.

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