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Vaping isn’t complete without some cool and exciting vape tricks. Now many new and existing people want to know more about these vape tricks. But, in reality, these tricks are nearly the same as smoking tricks.

However, there are some differences. Only vape or an e-cigarette can help you play with a thick smoke layer to do different vape tricks. This article will explore some of the best vape tricks for beginners. So, let us get into it!

Vaping and Vapors? What’s The Relation?

Vaping and Vapors? What’s The Relation

There is a direct relationship between vaping and vapors. That’s because there is so much to talk about in this regard. But, anyhow, vaping is basically an act. In other words, it can also be named as a process. So, vaping is basically the process of inhaling and exhaling nicotine or marijuana through an electronic device.

Yes, an electronic device is involved over here. Also known as e-cigarettes, these devices help anyone inhale or exhale any type of (whether simple or flavored) nicotine or marijuana.

The vaping devices or e-cigarettes heat up the flavored mixture and let the user inhale it and exhale as per convenience. The smoke that you exhale during vaping is known as vapors.

Now, many people claim that vaping is quite bad for health. However, that is not true because it doesn’t take as much quantity of nicotine as a cigarette does. So, less nicotine means fewer health risks. Note that in some cases, it might not be good for someone. Anyhow, exceptional cases are always there.

7 Vaping Tricks for Beginners

Vaping Tricks for Beginners

Before we go any further, we should understand the fact that many beginners and intermediate-level vaping lovers want to know about vaping tricks. This gives us a very clear idea that vaping is definitely quite common among young people.

So, if you are also one such person, here are nine great vaping ticks to learn and practice.

1: The Dragon Trick

The Dragon Trick

The easiest and the most effective vaping trick is the dragon trick. That’s why we have kept it at the number one point. As the name indicates, here, you will have to exhale the smoke like a dragon roars.

So, inhale smoke. For this particular technique, you don’t have to hold the smoke or breathe for a while. Now, exhale the smoke from the mount and nose. So, the smoke will come out of your mouth and nose like a dragon roars. So, that is the dragon trick everyone talks about.

2: The Waterfall Technique

The Waterfall Technique

The waterfall technique is also one good vaping trick for beginners to learn. This particular technique is for intermediate-level vaping enthusiasts. However, beginners can also try but again, you need some good practice.

So start with inhaling the vape. Hold it for a while. Take an empty bottle and try to exhale within that bottle. We are recommending the use of bottles here for the ease of beginners. If you are an expert, you may use the other way.

Collect as much smoke as you can in the bottle. Then, simply pour the smoke filled in the bottle like water. There you have it; the smoke will come out of the bottle like a waterfall.

3: The Famous Ghost Trick

The Famous Ghost Trick

When we talk about vaping tricks for beginners, it’s the dragon trick that comes to our mind. That is because this trick is extremely popular among many vaping lovers. Even many smokers find this technique very easy to follow.

You will find a ton of videos about this smoking technique on the web. Anyhow, let us find out how this trick actually works. Note that this particular trick requires some great practice for the best results.

So, start with inhaling maximum smoke. Keep it in your mouth as sudden exhaling would won’t help you practice this trick with maximum accuracy.

After holding it for a while, exhale it without any force. Now inhale it back. On paper, this trick might look a bit tough. But, as mentioned, you have to practice a bit before you begin.

4: The French Inhale

The French Inhale

The bane and French inhale trick is also something to highlight here. This trick is simple. Here you will have to exhale the smoke slowly from the mount. Then, with your lower lip outside, inhale the smoke back through your nose.

5: Blowing O-Shaped Smoke Rings

Blowing O-Shaped Smoke Rings

Who doesn’t like to blow O-shaped smoke rings? They are very common on the internet. However, the actual wording may not help you understand this technique. That’s why, after checking out this technique, don’t forget to practice it.

Before inhaling any smoke, turn your mouth like an O. Now, inhale the smoke and exhale it will force. Take some time and practice it to learn this technique.

6: The Bull Ring Technique

The bull ring technique is somewhat tough to get used to. So, it is best to practice the O-shaped technique for this trick. Once you have practiced that, you won’t find it tough to follow this technique. So, simply exhale the O ring. Now gently inhale the O-ring. This trick is that simple. But as mentioned, it requires some good practice.

7: The Bow-Tie

The Bow-Tie

The bow tie trick is quite challenging but, at the same time, quite exciting too. So, here you will have to exhale an O ring. With your hand, force it to push back. The O ring will start getting larger. Inhale O ring back.

You have to inhale two O-Rings at first. Then, after inhaling a couple of O-rings, exhale them slowly. If done properly, it should form a bow-tie-like shape.

Benefits of it Practicing Vaping Tricks

Benefits of it Practicing Vaping Tricks

Once you know some of the exciting vaping tricks, it is time to know some of its benefits. But, in reality, vaping is all about having some fun with friends. So, we are also sharing some unique and exciting benefits of it.

1: A Joyful Thing

 A Joyful Thing

Vaping is a joyful act for many. There shouldn’t be any doubt here. People, especially young age individuals, like to vape for the sake of fun. In addition, young people find it exciting and challenging to compete with their friends.

They can challenge their friends to practice certain vaping tricks for beginners. So, this is one main benefit of vaping different tricks.

2: Helps You Relive Stress and Anxiety

Helps You Relive Stress and Anxiety

Some people smoke these electronic cigarettes to get rid of some stress and anxiety.

Now, when we talk about stress and anxiety, there is a lot to discuss here. That’s because almost everyone goes through either stress or anxiety once in life.

So, smoking out-flavored vapes help people forget about their stress. Moreover, when they start practicing these tricks, they become happier. They start challenging their friends and family members. This whole creates a good environment around them which keeps them happy.

3. A Nice Little Friendly Act

A Nice Little Friendly Act

Practicing different types of vaping tricks is quite friendly. As mentioned before, young people find it exciting and challenging to compete with their friends.

They can challenge their friends to practice certain vaping tricks for beginners. So, this is one main benefit of vaping different tricks.

In a Nutshell!

So, now you know all about different vape of tricks of vaping. We have shared a mixed match of some beginner and some intermediate-level tricks. All these techniques are quite easy to follow. However, practice is required for ditto same smoke level action. The rest is up to you; the more you practice, the better you will get at practicing these tricks.

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