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lazarus naturals review
  • Rebecca R. Lopez

Are you looking for a reliable CBD company review? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. We have thoroughly presented Lazarus Natural review. This brand comes under the ECRM 2021 Buyer's Choice, which further guarantees its reliability in the sea of CBD brands.

CBD is a chemical that comes from the hemp plant. The research on CBD's therapeutic effects is limited. But the results so far have been good for different conditions like pain, anxiety, and depression.

The industry of cannabis items has gained momentum in the recent few years, and Lazarus Naturals is one company that stands out in this race. The different products of the company range from oil to topicals.

Lazarus Naturals is an employee-owned manufacturer. It was established in 2014 and is situated in Portland. This article comprehensively offers an overview of Lazarus Naturals Review, besides some of its main products.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Reviews: Top Products:

1. Lazarus Naturals - Full Spectrum Cannabis Capsules

2. Lazarus Naturals - RSO CBD Oil

3. Lazarus Naturals - Soothing Hemp Balm

4. Lazarus Naturals - CBD Massage Oil

5. Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil - Full Tincture

6. Lazarus Naturals – Pet CBD Oil Tincture

1: Lazarus Naturals-Full Spectrum Cannabis Capsules

Lazarus Naturals CBD ReviewsA User Describes the Product as:

I was very surprised when I took these capsules. It might be the other ingredients, but this is the most effective CBD product I have used from any vendor (and I've tried hundreds). I am extremely happy with this product.

A Sleep Capsule Consumers Says:

I have battled with sleep troubles for decades. I gave these a try and purchased a 10ct because I'm a little cautious about full spectrum I really don't do well with any THC even in tiny amounts. They are helping me to fall asleep and get in a full night of quality sleep so I now ordered the 40ct and I'm looking forward to more nights of fulfilling sleep

A Patient Gave 5 Stars to the Energy Capsules, Wrote:

Love, love, love these ~ Really wish they came in the 200 count size, then I wouldn’t have to purchase a ton of the smaller bottles!

I have been using your products to help free myself from the grip of the allopathic “medicine industry” and “Pharmakeia”.....

But For Some, It Made Adverse Impact:

I took one today and for some reason it made me feel like I took a muscle relaxer with a sedative. No energy. Actually zapped energy and I am extremely hungry. I feel I am going to pass out . Not what I was hoping for in an energy supplement.

Words censored as per FDA guideline. Source:

Lazarus Naturals offers one of the best hemp capsules. These items belong to the full spectrum cannabis formula. Moreover, these capsules work efficiently to release stress and anxiety from hectic daily routines.

Every pair of capsules gives 25 milligrams of cannabis extract. In Addition, its recipe includes functional compounds, i.e., chamomile extract, microcrystalline cellulose, L-theanine and silicon dioxide. It is rich in vitamins too, like vitamin B6.

Furthermore, the capsules contain MCT oil. This helps make the CBD capsules more effective by increasing how they are absorbed by your body. But some people with sensitive skin might not like that there is coconut oil present in the capsules.

So, make sure you are not allergic to MCT oil before using these capsules.

This medicine is from organic farms. The brand extracts the medicine from a plant using a special technique that they invented. It then goes through a few more steps to be sure it's strong and safe before being packed into vegan capsules.

These capsules are third-party tested. The labs that do the testing are highly equipped, and they test for pesticides and heavy metals. This way, you know that the product is organic and safe.

All these test reports are available online under the test results lab. Their standards meet the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia monograph on hemp. At the same time, the testing requirements change from item to item.

Every batch of cannabis goes through several rounds of testing. The first test is for the strength of cannabinoids (like THC), the smell (terpenes), and to make sure that there are no heavy metals or pesticides.

Then there are other microbe tests, solvents or residual solvents leftover from processing cannabis before it is finally processed.

The effects of cannabis vary from person to person. The bottle of hemp capsules comes in variable options like 10,20, and 200 capsule bottles. Furthermore, it can give 250,1000 and 2500 milligrams of cannabis, respectively.

Hence, its serving size ranges between 25-200 milligrams. Therefore, to search the hemp quantity, initiate with two capsules, i.e., 50 milligrams, wait for 120 minutes, and increase if acquired.


🔹 Full-spectrum category

🔹 Presence of chamomile-extract

🔹 Includes vitamin B6

🔹 Addition of silicon dioxide

🔹 MCT addition

🔹 Undergoes fractional distillation

🔹 Certified by third party laboratories



Highly VeganWarning of allergens
Absence of pesticides
Organic Product
No addition of microbes
Safe to consume

From this Lazarus CBD Review we can deduce that these capsules are a good way to get the best results. People who do not like the cannabidiol flavor may choose these capsules. In addition, they make it easier to know how much you should take because of their various potencies.

2: Lazarus Naturals - RSO CBD Oil

Lazarus Naturals - RSO CBD OilMost Users Describes it Highly Potent One of Them Writes:

This is the one and only. I've tried CBD from other places and they left me hanging. This is very thorough product. Potent and doesn't leave with any side effects. Felt an immediate effect. Calming and ****** relief. All the benefits of cannabis when you don't need that extra hallucinatory mechanism. Completely alert and yet nice and pleasant.

Others Commends Their Customer Services:

I was Blessed the Day I discovered Lazarus Naturals. The assistance program is great, but the Altruism it represents is so Wonderfully Rare. These folks don’t just wish they could help. They put their money where their mouth is and actually do something. Thank You Lazarus for “showing” such love and generosity. Peace and God Bless You.

Users Finds the Product Affordable:

This RSO helps me sleep much better at night. It helps me get to sleep and I’m able to stay asleep longer. Since I’m disabled and on a fixed income I greatly appreciate the discount offered by Lazarus Naturals! With things increasing in cost so much it’s a relief to have something to help make my life a bit better and not break the bank! Highly recommend!

Words censored as per FDA guideline. Source:

Lazarus Naturals brand offers RSO CBD oil. This oil belongs to the full spectrum category. It has 2.2 mg of THC in one milliliter, and hence it comes in full-spectrum class. Moreover, it gives entourage effect to its users.

Lazarus Naturals CBD oil is legal. It contains 0.3% of THC, which is below the legal limit. The presence of THC will make it more effective than other CBD products without THC in them.

This oil has a dropper to use easily and does not contain any artificial flavorings or sugars.

The CBD oil is a very powerful product. It can be used by placing it under your tongue or mixing it with food. It comes in different sizes, like 10 and 50 milliliters. Moreover, it provides 1000 and 5000 milligrams of cannabidiol.


🔹 Full-spectrum category

🔹 Entourage effect

🔹 Inculcates THC

🔹 Addition of dropper

🔹 Third-party tested



Comes in different sizesA little pricey
Elevates cannabis effectiveness
Organic product
Legally allowed

If you want to feel calmer and relieve some anxiety, this oil is for you. It is one of the best Lazarus Naturals for anxiety products. You will surely get your desired effects with this oil.

3: Lazarus Naturals - Soothing Hemp Balm

Lazarus Naturals cbd creamA Full Spectrum Relax+ Unwind Balm User Writes:

My daughter is a nurse. She brought me a little can home. I used it on my knees. I could hardly walk until i rubbed the lavender 1,000 balm on both knees . Its amazing i highly recommend this product. I have a demanding job in food service . I couldn’t work without the relief i get from this product.

People Greatly Appreciate the Un-Scented Version of this Product:

The CBD Balm works really well for muscle/tendon pain for me. It's a little difficult to spread over larger areas but if you do, it works. I've given small sample sizes of scented balm to friends (I can't do any scents) and they were surprised how well it worked and now buy it and/or the lotion.

The Evergreen Ember Scented Balms Mostly Failed to Impress Users. One Writes:

I love the support of tension and soreness release. It definitely helps with my well-being. I am not a fan of this scent, however. The evergreen part is good but the ember has me thinking of a dirty campfire.

Words censored as per FDA guideline. Source:

Lazarus Naturals makes balms for aches and pains. You put the balm on your skin where it hurts. But you need to take more of the cream if you are using it instead of pills, because your body needs to absorb the cream through your skin into its bloodstream.

This lotion has mango, butter and beeswax. The balm comes with a unique mix of oils like menthol, wintergreen and basil. Moreover, it also has a small amount of capsaicin which is the ingredient in chili peppers.

In addition, it has many medicinal characteristics, so it makes the topical quite effective.

Furthermore, it undergoes third-party testing via highly equipped laboratories. Also, it is organic and safe to use.


🔹 Inculcates butter

🔹 Presence of beeswax

🔹 Addition of menthol

🔹 Non-GMO



Wintergreen presenceThe comparatively lower absorption rate
A small quantity of capsaicin
Use on all skin types
Not left greasy skin

The Lazarus Naturals soothing hemp balm is sure to get you your desired relief from pain and inflammation. It absorbs in your skin and works like a wonder on the affected part of the body.

4: Lazarus Naturals - CBD Massage Oil:

Lazarus Naturals - CBD Massage OilNon-Sticky and Easily Dispensible:

This massage oil is my favorite I'm crazy about it and highly recommend. It feels wonderful going on, leaves your skin moist but not sticky so you can put clothes back on. I have sore muscles in my feet bc I walk dogs and this is perfect for my achy and dry feet. It's magical.

I bought the smaller size to try first. I *LOVE* this massage oil!! Dispenses easily, glides on effortlessly and provides relief for a good while.


Lazarus Naturals offers a CBD massage oil made of the full spectrum formula. It also gives an entourage effect to people who use it. In addition, it works well on all skin types.

It does not leave a greasy effect and it has a neutral smell. You can add oils to the moisturizer to make it smell better. It also helps with skin problems like acne or dry skin.

This product can be put on your skin and rubbed in. There are different potencies and sizes. And the serving description is already shown on the packaging of this product.

It has been third-party tested to ensure it is pure and safe to use.


🔹 Infused with Jacoba oil

🔹 Effective for all skin types

🔹 Full Spectrum formula

🔹 Highly organic and pure



Neutral smellYou have to take a large quantity of oil for massaging the affected area.
Effective medicinal role
Works wondrously for sore muscles
It comes in different serving sizes
Offers full-body rejuvenation

Lazarus Naturals' CBD Body + Massage Oil is a great oil. It has sweet almond as one of the ingredients, and it will make you feel good all over after using it. Furthermore, it has full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) formula for skin nourishment. Also, this product smells wonderful without any pesky fragrances.

5: Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil - Full Tincture

Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil - Full TinctureA 5 Stars Reviewer Writes:

The taste is pretty strong but you don't taste it until you go to swallow, so it's doable especially since this works so well to help me with my issues. Best oil I have tried so far. Customer service is fantastic and the company has amazing transparency.

It Helps with Sleep:

I have trouble sleeping at night. I wake up several times at night. Then I decided to try Lazarus Naturals Yuzu full spectrum cbd tincture. I’ve been using it for about six weeks, and I am now sleeping through the whole night. This stuff works. It really does.

Words censored as per FDA guideline. Source:

Hemp oil of Lazarus Naturals has been popular for a few years. It helps with pain and is soothing. You can find it on the retail shelves and their website.

Its oils are made from natural and organic sources. To ensure that the products are safe, the company tests them in laboratories. They also show the test results on the product label.

This product does not inculcate any solvents, pesticides, microbes or heavy metals. Furthermore, all information with attested reports is available online on its website.

The THC-free cannabis oil is available in 60 milliliters. It has a tasty orange flavor and it contains 3000 milligrams of hemp. You can take 50 milligrams of it twice a week for good results.

The method to take the tincture is already on the package. However, it is recommended that you take a small dose at first, increasing it with time up to 75 mg.

This product is made from ingredients that are not genetically modified. It is infused with coconut oil and hemp oil. It comes in different flavors, such as orange, winter mint and pineapple.


🔹 Inculcates THC

🔹 Presence of coconut oil

🔹 absence of heavy metals

🔹 Solvent-free

🔹 No addition of artificial flavors



Presence of dropperLack of flavors
Entourage effect
Legally allowed to use
Packed in 60-milliliter bottles
Inculcates 3000 milligrams of hemp
Display method to use
Lazurus Naturals proudly offers high potency CBD Oil tincture as a perfect foundation for any daily routine. It has an earthy and natural flavor.This acclaimed full spectrum offering is best-known because it is effective and versatile.

6: Lazarus Naturals – Pet CBD Oil Tincture:

Lazarus Naturals – Pet CBD Oil Tincture:A Cat Owner Writes:

Got this to calm my mom's cat enough for her to trim her claws . Mom reported back that it worked! She had a really overgrown claw that was piercing her paw. About an hour or 2 after eating a couple drops in her food, she didn't even bat an eye at my mom touching her paws.

Effective for Dogs as Well:

We had been giving it to our older dog to help with her separation ********, but decided to try it on our younger dog to help with the fireworks. (Note: our vet actually suggested this) She is so much calmer after getting a dose, and it really helped her get through the outside explosions without as much of a panic.

Words censored as per FDA guideline. Source:

Do you want to give your pet the best care possible? The Classic Calming Pet CBD Oil Tincture does all of it for you by relieving your anxiety and enhancing your overall well-being. Moreover, it strengthens their immune system.

Lazarus Naturals' CBD oil helps your pet relax. They can get benefits from full-spectrum hemp oil. Plus, the company's CBD dog treats contain 5mg of full-spectrum, chemical free cannabidiol.

The brand claims this product has no artificial preservatives or sweeteners. Moreover, it comes in the form of a powder blend made with fish oil and tree nuts like almonds for added energy. Moreover, this oil is quite effective for pets suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, and seizures.

Positive Facets of Lazarus Naturals:

✔️ The brand is a member of important associations. They are the Oregon Cannabis Association and the American Herbal Products Association.

✔️ Lazarus Naturals offers discounts to people in the military, veterans, and low-income households. They offer them a 60% discount on all their products.

✔️ The brand usually provides CBD oils in different forms. They also sell a product that has been shown to contain high levels of cannabidiol (CBD). And, the CBG isolate can be mixed with other tincture carrier oils for added benefits and potency.


❌ Customers have criticized the taste of CBD tinctures from this brand, with some reporting that it is grassy and unpleasant while others say there is an overwhelming molasses flavor in French vanilla or musty aftertaste for chocolate mint variant.

❌ The company only ships its products to limited countries.

Standard and Transparency:

The company remains transparent towards its clients. Moreover, the brand also ensures a high standard of its products in origin, production, and lab testing.

Product range and pricing of lazarus products

Recommended For

Optimizing Wellness

Hemp Source

United States

Formula Type

CBD isolates and full-spectrum CBD

Products Available

Tinctures, CBD capsules. Pet CBD products, topicals, soft gels, balms, and topicals.

Extraction Method

Ethanol extraction

Lab Testing

All products are third-party lab tested, and all of them are available on the website

Flavors in TincturesThere are chocolate mint, blood orange, winter mint, and French vanilla. In CBD Balm, there are unscented topicals, lavender, soothing mints, and citrus.
Refund Policy

90 days return policy

Free from

Contaminants. All of Lazarus Naturals’ products are contaminants free, and there is no inculcation of chemicals in them
Customer Service

You can reach out to them via email- or you can call them on (206) 909-3354

Carrier Oil

That is used Hempseed oil


According to its webpage, the major cannabis products of this producer originate from USA-grown farms. Additionally, this brand produces items that fall in the full-spectrum items and isolate categories.


The Lazarus Naturals brand is well known for its high-quality CBD products. They are natural, and do not have any chemicals additives. They use a process called ethanol extraction to remove the solvents.

This factory has good practices to make sure that it is safe. Moreover, it uses purification and distillation steps to remove any solvents.

The brand promises they take additional measures such as adding different stages to remove specific chemicals from the products. So, their customers can feel safe about the CBD items.

It is now possible to buy cannabis products that are certified as being organically grown. They are 100% natural. Its hemp is pesticide and herbicides free.

The most appealing feature of this manufacturer is that it produces vegan items. You can also check the label on the product's packaging display for authentication.

Third-Party Verified

It is quite easy to find out the certificate of analysis for every item on Lazarus Naturals' website. For example, you can simply click "test outcomes" and search by batch number.

The tests are available to check for:

Cannabis potency

🔹 Leftover solvents

🔹 Terpenes

🔹 Heavy metals

🔹 Pesticides

🔹 Microbes

However, Lazarus Naturals faced heavy criticism in 2019. NBC 4 New York found heavy traces of metals in one of their products that the FDA prohibits.

This company found out that the product was a fake and it had a low level of lead. But the product came from an unauthorized seller so it had other things in it.

If you want to make sure your product is real, then check for a batch number. If there is no batch number, then the product might not be authentic. Also, Amazon has banned CBD products that do not have a lot of CBD in them.

So if you buy on Amazon and it doesn't say "CBD" on the package, then it probably just has hemp seeds in it instead of CBD oil.

Product range and pricing

Lazarus Naturals offers many types of products. They range from tinctures, capsules, oils, topical creams, and pet products. Many of these are available in both standard and high-potency formulas. The CBD content for each product is listed in the description.

They offer a limited range of isolate products, including tinctures, capsules, and raw isolate, also available in a bulk format.

Lazarus Naturals' products are very reasonably priced, compared with other vendors. They also offer some affordable bundles to allow you to sample a variety of products at once.

Some of their customers like the generous assistance programs they offer. They offer a discount on most of their products to veterans, people with disabilities, and low-income households.

You will only need to provide the company with documentation in order to qualify for the discount.

Customer service

Lazarus Naturals has hundreds of great reviews. It also has websites. Some people say the customer service is good, while others mention that they have quick delivery times and free shipping.

Their few negative reviews are mostly related to the taste of certain tinctures, but there are a few about shipping and packaging issues, too. With that said, this company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), where they have a D+ rating based on their failure to respond to a complaint and their short operating history.

A Wide Array of Flavors:

The team behind this brand is passionate about creating quality products that are effective and enjoyable. They offer CBD tinctures in five flavors: French Vanilla Mocha, Chocolate Mint, Blood Orange Winter mint.

Moreover, four balm varieties including Pacific Pine, Portland Rose, Lavender, Cedar Citrus, Soothing mint and unscented variant for all your moisturizing needs.

Lab Results:

Lazarus Naturals products are tested for heavy metals to make sure they are safe and pure. Every ingredient is also checked by an expert in toxicology before it can be included in their product line.

Vegan and Gluten-Free:

The brand is committed to producing all-natural, gluten-free products. The company's product line includes vegan-friendly ingredients. However, there are also products available with non-vegan components.

More About Lazarus Naturals Review:

In 2014, Sequoia Price-Lazarus founded Lazarus Naturals with one belief: the best and pure CBD products should be accessible to all. They provide a full spectrum extraction process that uses only high-quality ingredients to ensure this goal.

Moreover, Lazarus Natural makes sure that they go through top laboratories. If you want high-quality products and your health and well-being, then Lazarus is the company for you.

Lazarus's membership in key national associations like Oregon Cannabis Association or American Herbal Product Associations guarantees that its legitimacy comes from years of experience working within these fields.

Lazarus Naturals is committed to making sure that the CBD oil it sells is high-quality. They offer a 60% discount on all CBD oil purchased through its website and social media pages, and they provide other assistance programs like community outreach.

The Bottom Line:

From the above-detailed overview of Lazarus Naturals Review, we can deduce that it is undoubtedly one of the best manufacturers of CBD products. They have a wide array of products and are available in various flavors. And you can conveniently get them for your CBD needs.

Lazarus Naturals ensures high quality in their production process because they are involved in every step of it. From farming to extraction, employees make sure the product is safe and their customers are satisfied from their production.

Moreover, the company is dedicated to providing its products affordable. The products are all-natural and organic, ensuring wellness and enhancing mental and physical abilities.

Their CBD oil is well-known for relieving anxiety, and you can rely on their CBD products if you want pain management, deal with chronic pains and any kind of psychological condition.


1: Is Lazarus Naturals a reputable company?

Lazarus Naturals has been a trusted CBD vendor for many years, known for its affordable products and commitment to transparency. Their offer a wide variety of products, including full-spectrum tinctures, capsules, topical, and CBD pet products.

2: Is Lazarus's CBD massage oil worth buying?

Ans: The calming and soothing effects of CBD make massage oil an excellent option for those who suffer from joint pain, muscle aches or other chronic conditions. The cannabinoids found in this oil help reduce inflammation which provides significant relief to people suffering day-in/day out with these inflammatory problems.

3: Is Lazarus Naturals FDA approved?

The Lazarus Naturals manufacturing facility is committed to producing the safest and highest quality CBD products. To ensure this, they implement Current Good Manufacturing Practices outlined by FDA-approved processes in an ethanol-based extraction method for their hemp extractions free of pesticides or herbicides.

4: How long does Lazarus Naturals CBD oil stay in your system?

It generally stays in for 2 to 5 days. But it depends on your body's weight and metabolism.

5: Where are Lazarus Naturals made?

The natural, organic hemp of Lazarus Naturals is hand-selected for purity and potency. It is grown on their farm in Powell Butte, Oregon. From harvesting to extraction, the company's team ensures that all of the plant's goodness gets preserved so you can take advantage of every last ingredient in your

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