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pluscbd review
  • Rebecca R. Lopez

CBD products are popping up all over the place. With more and more brands coming out, it can be hard to pick which one's worth your time or money. However, with an extensive product line, Plus CBD Oil has managed to stand out from the competition because of its wide range and reputation.

PlusCBD has been the leading producer and supplier of CBD products since 2014. The company has a pharmaceutical division, which seeks FDA approval for drugs that use cannabidiol as an active ingredient. They also have consumer product lines like lotions, creams, capsules, etc.

The company is committed to providing only the highest-quality CBD. They have a rigorous system of third-party testing and quality assurance, ensuring they bring you just potent products.

Top Picks of PlusCBD Products 2021: A Detailed Overview

1. PlusCBD Softgel Capsules – Effectively Potent

2. PlusCBD Balm – For Fresh Looking Skin

3. PlusCBD Oil Drops – For overall health well-being

4. PlusCBD Roll-On – Inculcated with essential nutrients

5. PlusCBD Cream – Effective for various skin conditions

6. PlusCBD Gummies – Best for Flavors

1: PlusCBD Softgel Capsules – Effectively Potent

PlusCBD Softgel CapsulesCBD, or cannabidiol, is a popular choice for many people looking to take advantage of its medical benefits. The full-spectrum hemp extract in soft gel capsules is a sure way to benefit your endocannabinoid system.

The PlusCBD capsules are the best choice for those who want to feel physically better and stay healthier. It can help you recover from exercise inflammation, focus more clearly during working hours or school, and improve your sleep patterns to have optimal energy levels.

The CBD capsule of 50mg is suitable to consume for most people. If you are worried about how your body will react to these medicines, fret not because the pills are very mild and bear no adverse effects on your body.


🔹Made in the USA

🔹Third-Party lab tested

🔹100% Vegan

🔹Gluten and GMO-free

🔹Pesticides and herbicides free

🔹Full-spectrum CBD formula

🔹EU certified hemp seeds

🔹Inculcated with extra virgin oil as a carrier oil

Do you struggle with anxiety or pain? If so, CBD softgels might be the perfect solution for your needs. What's great about these capsules is that they come in vegetarian versions made from natural ingredients like hemp oil.

The serving size contains an amount sufficient to provide relief without any unwanted side effects.

It helped patient in Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia can mean some very painful days. I've tried CBD in the past, but realized I needed a higher dose to feel a difference. So happy PlusCBD now has this 50 mg capsule. I take one a day in the morning and, though it doesn't completely take my pain away, I feel more at ease and it balances my mood swings.


PlusCBD soft gel capsules are a natural way to consume the full spectrum hemp extract. They are highly efficient in bringing you your desired relief and contribute greatly to your physical, psychological, and mental well-being.

2: PlusCBD Balm – For Fresh Looking Skin

PlusCBD BalmThe PlusCBD Balm is an excellent way to get all the benefits of cannabidiol with a topical application. It contains 50mgs per dose, meaning it will work quite well for your skin. It contributes to reducing inflammation and helps in making your skin fresh.

The natural ingredients in this product will help soothe your skin and speed up healing time. It has been proven to be a welcomed addition among those who have workout regularly. The PlusCBD Balm also helps with inflammation problems due to its calming effect on pain receptors.

When you use this balm, it can keep your skin healthy and beautiful. It is packed with nutrients like vitamin E and fatty acids that help protect against wrinkles and maintain a youthful look for years to come.


🔹 Organically made

🔹 Third-party laboratory tested

🔹 Purely Vegan

🔹 Gluten-free

🔹 Free from pesticides

🔹 Manufactured in the USA

Their thick and soothing CBD balm is extracted from the organic and finest hemp. This all-natural product is a sure way to rejuvenate your skin.

A Customer's Review:

The PlusCBD Balm is the perfect solution for anyone who deals with inflammation and sore muscles. Moreover, the natural ingredients in this balm will leave your skin feeling supple and moisturized, without that sticky residue you find with other products.

3: PlusCBD Oil Drops – For overall health well-being

PlusCBD Oil DropsThe Maximum Strength formula has been designed to meet the needs of everyone, even those with dietary restrictions. For example, it is gluten-free and vegan, so you can enjoy consuming CBD oil drops without worrying about allergic reactions.

The Plus CBD Oil brand has a special hemp extract from the finest European hemp sources, ensuring you can always have all its medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

PlusCBD oil formula is among some of their most potent options.

The CBD oil drops come in three different strengths, with each pump giving you 12.5mg of the active ingredient. You can adjust these amounts depending on what works best for your needs.


🔹Comes in three flavors: Unsweetened, Monk Fruit and Peppermint

🔹Highly organic

🔹Third-party lab tested



🔹Sourced from European grown hemp


🔹The USA made

The PlusCBD Oil Drops are perfect for those who need a higher dose of CBD. Just 2 or 3 drops per day are enough to significantly enhance your well-being but do not go overboard.

You should start with the lowest possible serving size before increasing the number if you want this product's even more satisfying experience. Moreover, the company also offers CBD oil in a spray bottle.

The above-mentioned PlusCBD oil spray review will help you make a wise decision of why to choose this for your various conditions.

A Customer's Opinion:

PlusCBD oil drops are a full spectrum cannabinoid formula that provides essential nutrients. In addition, they contribute quite well to enhancing your physical and mental health.

4: PlusCBD Roll-On – Inculcated with Essential Nutrients

PlusCBD Roll-OnA perfect choice for active people and athletes, this CBD oil roll-on product is the real deal. It not only helps you relax after a strenuous workout but also cools down your body as well. The presence of camphor, menthol, eucalyptus oils, and other natural ingredients helps relax your muscles and calm your nerves.

PlusCBD is proud to offer the roll-on. It is an impressive invention that curtails essential terpenes, cannabinoids, fatty acids, and vitamin E. This product is perfect for those looking to improve their skin health. The additional botanica ingredients help with wrinkles while promoting a more youthful appearance of the skin.

This hemp oil extract is a safe and healthy way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without worrying about gluten. It is also Non-GMO, so those with allergies or sensitivities do not need to worry.



🔹 Produced from non-GMO EU certified hemp seeds

🔹 There are no fragrances, sulfates, dyes or parabens inculcated in this product

🔹 Third-party lab tested

🔹 All-natural ingredients

This CBD roll-on stick contains Terpenes, Minor Cannabinoids and most important fatty acids. It is a moisturizing mix of favorite botanicals like jojoba oil with Auckland lappa root extract to provide smooth skin.

With the roll-on, you can ensure that hemp is absorbed in your skin to give you your desired effects.

A customer with 3 stars writes:

I am overall happy with +plus cbd thus far. I recently gave the Full Spectrum Spray a 5 Star.

As for the Roll-On Balm, it is a really nice product. PLUS CBD Balm 250mg works very well also like the light smell with no menthol but the application is a bit hard. Either the product is to thick or the applicator is to tight a seal. Also a larger size would be nice. I will be back for more.


The PlusCBD roll-on is a must-have if you suffer from inflammation and want smooth skin. Its natural ingredients will give you positive effects, and also, it comes at an affordable price so that you can conveniently enjoy the benefits of CBD.

5: PlusCBD Cream – Effective for Various Skin Conditions

PlusCBD CreamYou cannot go wrong with this PlusCBD cream. It is a perfect fit for your skin and is made up of using Gold formula, which means it has some serious power behind its ingredients to give you the desired results.

The hemp oil formula is a miracle worker for your skin. It soothes and moisturizes better than other expensive alternatives while also providing you with specific benefits to each individual's needs.

This topical ingredient includes safflower, bergamot, shea butter (from cacao beans), argan or marula trees - all rich sources of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which work wonders on dryness and patchy skin.

This top-tier product will lead you healthier-looking younger-looking face over time due to its ability to help replenish what is being lost from aging through sun exposure etc. This CBD cream not only works well but also smells nice.

This is due to the terpenes found in hemp extracts, which give off an earthy fragrance that you will enjoy while feeling healthier and less stressed out.


🔹 Extracted from CO2 sourcing method

🔹 Free from pesticides

🔹 Gluten-free

🔹 Third-party lab tested

🔹 Non-GMO

🔹 Clean and safe to use

CBD topicals give your skin the nourishment and refreshment it needs, while CBD extracts provide balancing benefits. PlusCBD creams are designed to sink deep into targeted areas of the body for maximum relief with no THC.

So, you can feel comfortable knowing there are zero psychoactive side effects.

The use of the Gold formula makes this CBD cream even better. It improves your skin's health while moisturizing it for a beautiful look. You can rely on PlusCBD cream to revitalize your skin, and also it can be quite helpful in treating various skin conditions.

6: PlusCBD Gummies – Best for Flavors

PlusCBD GummiesThese CBD gummies are perfect for beginners trying out an edible sample or long-term users. However, one downside to these gummies is that they can be harder to chew when compared with other products on the market today.

The benefits of CBD are endless, but it is hard to know exactly how much you should be taking at times. Luckily PlusCBD has come up with an easy solution for this problem – CBD-infused gummies. They are made from organic ingredients and available in two delicious flavors: cherry mango or citrus punch.

These little treats will give any user the perfect dosage they need tastefully.


🔹 Gluten-free

🔹 Third-party lab tested

🔹 No artificial preservatives

🔹 Free from chemical toxins

🔹 Non-GMO

The PlusCBD team of experts has created the most delicious and refreshing hemp CBD gummy candy. These treats are tasty and come in a variety pack to meet everyone's preferences.

There are a lot of different ways to get your daily dose of CBD, but you will never find anything as delicious and easy-to-swallow as PlusCBD gummies. They are made from only the best ingredients - soil-free hemp grown by real farmers using natural methods with water sourced directly off the earth's surface.

The key ingredient in their gummies is an unsaponifiable matter, which means they would not melt away like other products claiming similar benefits. The Extra Strength CBD Gummies from PlusCBD are infused with a potent formula that contains more than just cannabidiol.

They also have minor cannabinoids, terpenes and fatty acids, which help protect you from any chronic illness by strengthening the wall of your immunity. This is why these delicious gummy bears can be so beneficial for your health.

It helped users in dealing with anxiety and sleep:

I have insomnia and melatonin often doesn’t work for me, but if I chew one of these Calm gummies before I go to bed I fall asleep quickly and manage to stay asleep all night. It Calms all the thoughts racing through my mind so I can wind down and drift off but I don’t wake up groggy which is great.

Another customer says:

My husband has terrible nightmares and anxiety at night. His sleep has improved drastically since he started taking the sleep gummies.

It has got 4.5 stars on its website from 28 users till this date.

Are you looking for the perfect CBD gummies? Get your favorite flavor and enjoy a healthy, premium product made from quality ingredients. Moreover, this PlusCBD oil gummies review will help you make an informed decision.

Pros of Choosing PlusCBD for CBD Products

PlusCBD oil brand offers high-quality hemp extract to create various products for people with different needs. Here are some reasons why consumers love the full spectrum options from this company:

✔️PlusCBD proudly offers all its products with gluten-free and non-GMO properties.

✔️The company has a great online presence and has thorough information on all the products to enable their customers to decide.

✔️All their products scream quality. Their lab tests are transparent and certified to benefit their consumers as much as possible.

✔️PlusCBD makes its products go through rigorous third-party lab testing to meet the industry standard and live up to their customers' expectations.

To make an informed decision, they should know what ingredients are in their product. The PlusCBD products have a comprehensive description and all lab test results, so there is not anything left out or misunderstood when it comes time to make a purchase decision.

Disadvantages of PlusCBD

There are a few cons of PlusCBD, which you should also consider along with the pros. Take a look below:

❌Some of PlusCBD products do not have detailed lab result reports.

❌PlusCBD sourced their hemp from European farms, while some consumers want American grown hemp. So, it somehow affects its credibility.

Besides these minute drawbacks, PlusCBD is the best company to consider purchasing all CBD products.

Features that Make PlusCBD Distinguished

Plus cbd product reviewPlusCBD has managed to make its way into such a saturated industry of CBD. However, it is staying afloat in the sea of competition owing to many reasons. Following are some of the factors that make PlusCBD unique and why it should be your favored option for CBD products:

1: Safe Products:

The company has invested a lot of time and money into making sure its products are safe, which is why it was granted "generally recognized as safe" status by the FDA. In addition, the brand has put a lot of time and effort into making sure that all its products can be trusted and safe to utilize.

2: Third-Party Lab Testing:

PlusCBD products are a great way to relieve your chronic pain and discomfort. Plus, the third-party labs' extensive testing ensures that no harmful chemicals are present in their products, making them safe for consumers.

DB Labs in Nevada is the most prominent one, which has ISO-17025 certification and would appeal to those who purchase it because of this quality assurance process. Moreover, they also maintain their internal testing facility.

The company's certificate of analysis details each product's different results after extensive lab testing. Consumers can also access the information to decide what they buy and how it aligns with their needs or preferences.

3: Process of Extraction:

PlusCBD brand uses the CO2 extraction process to derive high-quality cannabidiol (CBD) products. The hemp plant parts used in this method include stalk and stem, rich with phytonutrients such as polyunsaturated fats or omega 3.

They have been shown time after time on human clinical trials to support wellness like anxiety relief without any side effects. Furthermore, they remove all other unwanted cannabinoids because they are not what you want when looking for quality medical marijuana extracts.

They manufacture only pure pharmaceutical-grade CBD products. So, you can be sure that there is no THC present in PlusCBD products.

4: Potency and Purity:

C02 extraction has been one of the most efficient ways for PlusCBD to produce high-quality gluten-free, soybean oil-based and vegan. CBD interacts with your body in many different ways, but its best-known effects happen at a mental level where you feel more relaxed.

PlusCBD thoroughly tests hemp extract before teaching it in different products. The certificate of analysis on each product provides consumers with valuable information about its purity and contents, making it easier to make informed decisions.

PlusCBD is a favorable option in the sea of competitors for the following reasons:

Recommended forPlusCBD products are known to enhance the quality of life. It improves your overall well-being and positively impacts your health.
Hemp SourceHemp is grown in Europe
Famous ProductsCBD oil, CBD topical creams, CBD oil spray, CBD balms, CBD roll-ons, CBD edibles, and CBD capsules

Type of CBD

Formula Full Spectrum
Sourcing Techniques

CO2 extraction process

Testing Criteria

All their third-party laboratory test reports are available online on their website

Flavors Available

Natural flavor, peppermint, blueberry. Also, their CBD gummies are accessible in cherry mango and citrus flavor

Carrier Oils Extra virgin olive oil
Contaminants Free

PlusCBD products are free from any kind of chemical toxins, pesticides and heavy metals

Vegan and Gluten

Free Their products are gluten-free and purely vegan
Refund Policy

Unused products can be returned within 14 days of purchase for a full refund price


All their products are shipped to all states of the United States and other countries as well


PlusCBD delivers via USPS within 7-10 business days

Certifications Their products are US Hemp Authority Certified and are also ISO-certified

History of PlusCBD

History of PlusCBDCV Sciences, the parent company of Plus CBD Oil founded in 2014. The brand has since grown into a top-seller and is quickly recognizable among other highly rated brands. It is all because of their dedication to delivering quality products at an affordable price.

CV Sciences' PlusCBD oils now have the GRAS designation, meaning they can be sold in a wider range of stores and markets. This will make them easier to access for many Americans hoping that these products will become available soon.

Before securing a GRAS designation, the parent company had to prove that their CBD oil could meet the FDA standards. They also published safety data on the formula, which allowed them to obtain it from there.

PlusCBD has a variety of hemp-based CBD products that are sourced from Holland. The company's goal is to provide only high-quality full-spectrum extracts for the consumer, including tinctures, creams, and edibles, emphasizing pain relief and relieving stress and anxiety.

PlusCBD is committed to providing consumers with the purest and most effective CBD oils available. In addition, they agree that all third-party tests must pass for their products to be sold on a national and international scale.

PlusCBD Formula

PlusCBD Oil products are a great choice for those who want to effectively cure their various physical, mental and psychological conditions.

The PlusCBD products come in many formulations, so consumers can find one that works best with their needs and preferences. These formulas include:

1: Raw Formula:

The raw formula is the basic formulation of a CBD product. It contains the CBN and THC compounds, which break down when heated to create an endocannabinoid effect without psychoactive properties.

Research has shown it may be beneficial for cancer patients and those who suffer from seizures or other neurological disorders. The results may not be promising, but many users have reported that PlusCBD's products have worked quite well for their conditions.

2: Extra Strength Formula:

Extra Strength Ultimate is both distilled and decarboxylated. The extraction process curtails chlorophyll, which transforms the color of oil into a gold one. You can also rest assured knowing that your body will be getting some serious medicinal benefits from these plants with all those essential nutrients.

For those looking to use CBD in their everyday life, the PlusCBD gold drops are perfect. These high-concentration and clean oils give users exactly what they need without any unwanted side effects on the body.

3: Original Formula:

The extra-strength formula of CBD oil has a higher concentration than the original because it involves decarboxylation. This transformation process heats your compound and generates more active cannabinoids, which means you can get relief from pain faster with this type.

The decarboxylation process makes CBD oil that keeps its healing properties even after heating. This hemp-derived formula also contains other important compounds like vitamin E and fatty acids for boosting your overall health.

4: Maximum Strength Formula:

There's a variety of options when it comes to CBD products. Whether you want the maximum strength formula or something milder, many ways can be delivered and consumed with different strengths according to your preference.

While CBD is known for its relaxing and calming benefits, some might have grown accustomed to the product's effects. Consider using the maximum strength formula to unlock more of hemp CBD's potential health rewards if this sounds like you.

Benefits of PlusCBD Oil

The Plus CBD Oil Products are made from high-quality hemp, extracted using the CO2 process to maintain purity. In addition, the company offers different concentrations to always start slow and increase your daily intake as needed for maximum benefit.

As a company that sells hemp products, PlusCBD understands what it takes to get the best yield. So they make sure all of their hemp plants are grown with care and attention to produce effective CBD oils for maximum health advantages.

You will also find different flavors such as peppermint or goji berries in their offerings. But if you do not like the flavored ones, you can also buy the one with the natural and earthy flavor.

Procedure of Buying PlusCBD Products:

There are two main ways of getting the branded supplement; either buy them from an official website or any retail location across America with your zip code using their store locator. The company has a wide variety of CBD products and will be sure to meet your needs.

They can ship any product you need, as they offer two-day shipping on all orders. You can purchase it with your credit card on their website and enjoy countless benefits from their CBD products.

The Plus CBD Oil customer service team, is always happy to help if there ever arise any problems during checkout or delivery time, so feel free to order from them without any worries.

The Final Takeaway

After reading this extensive PlusCBD review, you can now feel comfortable buying CBD products from this company. We only recommend brands that offer safe, high-quality items and have value for money because we know how important this is to you as customers.

The company always strives to improvise its C02 extraction and overall manufacturing methods to ensure the clients can end up with top-notch quality products. With additional verifiable lab reports, you will trust what they offer.

Check out their official website for more information on how this great business operates, in addition to everything else that is available here.


1: Is PlusCBD good?

PlusCBD has a great rating of 8/10. The company sources its hemp from European-grown farms. The branded company uses certified EU hemp seeds to make its products. Moreover, third-party lab results show that they are purely organic. As a result, plus CBD oil drops are highly recommended for enhancing wellness by third parties.

2: How do you use PlusCBD gold drops?

PlusCBD Gold Oil extract is the perfect solution for anyone who does not want to smoke their marijuana but still reap all of its benefits. Simply pump twice and then place drops under your tongue for about a minute before swallowing them down.

3: What is PlusCBD good for?

PlusCBD full-spectrum hemp extract is a great way to improve your endocannabinoid system and is great for balancing the functions of the mind and body. Plus, anyone can use it whether they are looking for mental or physical enhancement.

4: Why PlusCBD products are used for relieving pain?

CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical found in hemp plants. It has been shown to work as an anti-inflammatory antioxidant and analgesic - meaning it can reduce pain by acting on several biological processes, which are usually associated with chronic diseases like arthritis, headaches, muscle spasms etc.

PlusCBD products are made with effectiveness to provide you with several CBD benefits to your body and mind.

5: How many drops of PlusCBD oil should you take?

It is recommended that you start with the minimum dosage of almost two to three

drops, 3 times per day. However, if you do not feel any effect, you can also increase the frequency and number of doses.

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