Terms & Conditions

It is always easy and smooth to know any companies' terms and conditions before starting the procedure. We will be glad if you will keep all the requirements in your mind. We are assured that it will help you through the safe and comprehensive use of the website. You can make your experience convenient; thus, no issue will be faced. If you are using any section of our website, it will be under our terms and conditions. We have the power to add any further changes if needed at any stage. That is why you have to make yourself updated regularly. Thus, it is compulsory to read carefully without ignoring any point; otherwise, you may have to face difficulties later. We hope you enjoy an incredible journey with US CBD Boxes.

Without the Client's Satisfaction, We Don't Move Further!

US CBD Boxes is a trustworthy printing and packaging service provider. We have earned respect and unique concerns from our valued clients on a significant level. They have set our morale on high ranks as we have never disappointed them.

We aim to manufacture top-quality packaging boxes that can secure their CBD products at every stage. If at any phase, you feel uncomfortable regarding your products, you can get back to us.

We have a quality assurance department that will cross-check your issues and will send back to the experts. Their purpose in our company is to maintain customer satisfaction.

We surely will fix the issue in less time. However, mentioned below are a few exceptions concerning submitting files and shipment that we can't be held guilty for:

Submission of Files

  • Writing issues that include all the mistakes like punctuation, any missing detail, etc.
  • Pictures that are not cleared with low resolutions
  • Design or picking bogus things by the clients during a file upload
  • Errors about the selection of product type, size, finishing options, and quantity
  • Duplications and repetitions of orders by the clients
  • Incorrect information or image orientation during file submission
  • Confirmation of color schemes with the hardcopy proof
  • Delay in delivery due to incomplete or inaccurate file submissions
  • Delay in delivery due to incomplete or inaccurate file submissions

Shipment and Delivery

  • Issues about the correct address
  • Undeliverable packages, other party issues, product crushing after delivery to clients
  • The satisfaction guarantee doesn't entail shipment claims. Products ruptured or missed placed by the shipping freight company would be manufactured by our experts
  • We can ask you to give back the actual products before reprinting or refunding
  • We are not accountable for the quality of products obtained after the estimated delivery time or defected or incomplete items

Conditions Related to Payment

All prices are mentioned on every product in USD. If you confirm the buying by clicking a facility from US CBD Boxes, you welcome to agree to all the charges that may include transport, tax, and other costs. Processing dues would be deducted from your credit card, and the amount will be refurbished on the website to help you with the inconvenience.

Once an order has been transferred, it will go to our processing team, and you are liable to pay for the taxes, processing fee, and any other dues if needed. No amendments can be made to the design files or production time without discussing it. Your order won't be processed without submitting the full payment.

Payment Methods

The following are the accepted payment methods to avail of our services.

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal

Terms Related to Color Accuracy

Our skilled professionals will try its best to imprint colors as best as achievable with the submitted files; however, the actual intenseness can't be compared due to the ink specifications and printing constraints. However, we give about maximum input for color matching assurance, and if it's not up to the mark, we will get your product manufactured free of cost. However, the printing task without a hardcopy sample won't be reprinted. For one day delivery, visit our helpline to avail of detail on hardcopy proof and other things.

Design Files

The customer is entirely liable for the submitted design files; you are therefore requested to cross-check everything before sending it. Check your Post Office details to get yourself popularized with the latest mailing adjustments for your artworks. We take the required steps to safeguard your artwork files; however, we are not accountable for loss or damage; you also give your permission to use images. You are providing your approval that your artwork files won't contain any material that would further process any criminal, civil, publicity, privacy, and intellectual copyrights issue. We won't print any materials that promote sexuality or violence.

Production Time

We believe in offering products at maximum least time. Our turnaround time will allow you to confirm the availability of your CBD products on the market stores. It started when you placed your order and uploaded the error-free files, and received the confirmation.

For next day printing, we need a hardcopy confirmation by you as already mentioned. If any issue is there with the provided details, the turnaround time will be redefined again unless our representatives get the accurate instructions. Our holiday days are Saturdays/Sundays as these days are considered as off days. These days will be excluded from the production time. Any other Government holiday or emergency announced holidays would be considered off too. The shipping method can also affect turnaround time.

Shipment Terms

We are not responsible for the delays raised by the shipment companies. Moreover, the pending that may arise due to environmental uncertainty and damages caused by it are not our headaches. Errors in files may result from neglection that we have already mentioned we can't be considered liable for.

Printing turnaround time should be merged with the shipping transit time for estimating the exact duration required for the arrival of your products.


No payment here is refundable once the order is confirmed; we don't move forward without confirming any step. Hence, we won't give you a refund.

Your product images may be exposed to a marketing campaign without your primary concerns.

These Policies and Terms and Conditions comprise the entire agreement between you and each party relating to this, expels any prior understandings or agreements regarding the subject matter, and may not be rotated or modified except in writing by making such modifications available on this site.

Suppose any expression of this consensus is found to be unproductive, illegal, or inapplicable. In that case, the validity, legality, and implementation of the persisting conditions will not in any way be affected or restricted.